Joyoung soymilk maker recipes

02.12.12. Homemade Soymilk with Joyoung ("十三亿人都在喝的神奇养生豆浆")


17.06.13. Curry Potato Pies
22.07.12. Hei Mama Egg Tarts 黑妈妈祖传蛋挞
29.08.11. Aspiring Bakers #10: Chicken Pie
26.08.11. Aspiring Bakers #10: Egg Tarts 蛋塔
19.03.08. Apple Crumble Pie
21.10.07. Apple Pie
24.06.07. Egg Tarts


10.09.07. Chocolate Puffs
06.07.07. Mango Puffs


29.07.13. Edible potted plant - Milo Pudding with Oreo
26.12.07. Bread Pudding


12.08.08. Korean Sweet Pancakes (Hoddeok)
12.08.08. Nigella's Pancakes
09.08.07. Junior Pikelets

Chinese Dessert/Pastry

24.06.12. Snow fungus dessert with red dates and lotus seeds 红枣莲子雪耳甜汤
28.11.11. Homemade Muah Chee
05.12.08. Ang Koo Kueh
30.11.08. Tau Sar Piah ("Delicious Asian Baked Treats")
02.03.08. Min Jiang Kueh - Peanut Pancakes

Chinese Bao

27.05.13. 咖哩马铃薯包 ("孟老师的中式面食")
17.05.13. 南瓜小馒头&刈包 ("孟老师的中式面食")


20.07.08. Tamago Sushi
06.08.07. Vegetarian Sushi

Simple Meal
Simple dishes that I learn to cook.

17.08.14. Non-spicy Kid-friendly Curry Chicken with Roti Prata
27.03.13. Hakka Yam Abacus Seeds - Vegetarian 客家算盘子
24.02.13. Coca-Cola Chicken
21.05.12. Homemade Siew Mai
13.03.12. Chicken Macaroni Soup with Wolfberries
13.03.12. Mashed Potatoes with Eggs
13.03.12. Homemade Char Siew
04.02.12. Nestum Cereal Prawn/Tofu
25.01.12. Salted Egg Yolk Tofu
16.10.11. Prawn Golden Fried Rice 虾仁金包银蛋炒饭
04.07.11. Hakka Yong Tau Foo 客家酿豆腐 ("U weekly magazine")
15.12.08. Meat Patties with Tomato and Chilli Sauce
08.12.08. Steamed Chicken with Red Dates
13.11.08. Baked Chicken Wings
23.04.08. Vegetarian Curry Rice


19.09.13. Traditional Baked Mooncakes 传统烘皮月饼
12.09.11. Aspiring Bakers #11: Mocha Oreo Snowskin Mooncake ("Mooncake Selections 52")
10.09.11. Aspiring Bakers #11: Mango Snowskin Mooncake
05.09.11. Aspiring Bakers #11: Banana Snowskin Mooncake ("Moonlit Mid-Autumn Festival")

Baking Class & Shop

18.11.13. Bake-It-Yourself Bigger and Better Location Opens Today!
01.12.12. Bake King Open House Demo Classes
20.03.12. Bake King Chocolate Desserts Demo Class


30.07.12. Mum's Red Glutinous Rice Wine 红糟酒
31.10.08. Chrysanthemum Tea
25.10.08. Making Fruit Enzymes