Saturday, October 27, 2012

Massive baking order

I just completed my first large baking order last week. It was quite a good experience. I put my maths to good use, preparing and calculating the amount of ingredients and packaging material that I need. Then buying the ingredients, including loads of flour, sugar, butter and eggs. I think I used 100 eggs at least. The egg seller seems to be very happy. Hehe! :)

The most stressful part would be baking within a short time. I took 1 day to prepare the egg tart dough. 2 days of actual baking. As my oven and mixer is small, I had to do several batches and in-between washing and drying took up some time. I was a little late in delivering the orders and luckily the buyer was very understanding. I received very good reviews and hopefully they are happy with my bakes.

Here's what I had baked. I got a huge sense of satisfaction after completing everything! :)

210 mini chocolate chips muffins

119 chiffon cupcakes - cranberry and banana

145 egg tarts

Sunday, October 07, 2012

For Children's Day

My first mini order for Children's Day. 
20 bags of Mini Chocolate Chips Muffins.