Sunday, April 05, 2015

Trips to Singapore Science Centre 2013

Woo! Have you heard about the new lowered admission rates to Singapore Science Centre and Kids STOP? Now all Singaporeans and PRs can enjoy free admission to Science Centre on off-peak days (weekdays except school holidays). The peak day rates (weekends, school holidays and public holidays) have also been reduced. Ah, think we Singaporeans should have more discounts for entering other local attractions too.

Reminded of me who made 5 trips to the Singapore Science Centre in 2013 due to a promotion then! Haha! Once I went alone, the other 4 times I brought my mum and my 3 nieces 1 at a time. Luckily we stayed so near. Think I will be making more trips there if time is available.

Digged out the old photos and recalled my trips there. I didn't visit all exhibits and shows. Just show some of the interesting ones and worth watching. Please note that some of the exhibits and shows are different now.

Here's the Gallery Map of the Science Centre.

I suggest spending a whole day at the Science Centre. We did in every visit! Start the day early when it opens at 10am. You can have a filling breakfast at the McDonald's outside near the ticketing counters before entering.

Upon entering, you will be at The Mind's Eye. This is where you see all kinds of optical illusions.

Our former president Mr S. R. Nathan. Wait and see, he can move in this photo. Reminds me of Harry Potter movies.

This is The Atrium which is at the centre. You can enter other exhibits in all directions from here. Take note of all the show times and plan your time while looking through the exhibits. There are some shows at 11am. Basically we walked and looked around.

At 12pm we went back to The Atrium for the Tesla Coil Demonstration here daily at 12pm. It is a must-see, where you experience the high voltage electrifying moments.

There are 2 food outlets here side by side, mostly western style. As kids always liked, we went for rosemary chicken, fries, nuggets, hotdog, toasts and waffles. :)

After lunch, we continued with the rest of the exhibits. As the kids are too young for the complicated Science, we visited the more interactive ones which were more interesting to them. Some of the kids favourites.

Earth: Our Untamed Planet
Tried the earthquakes and typhoon simulator, although it was sometimes down.

Live Animal Exhibit
Saw baby chickens hatching from eggs. And a few other animals.

From here, there is a door where you can go out to EcoGarden. I brought my mum there as she loves gardening. Took so many photos that I spam some here. Well at the back of the post (in case too many).

Depending on weekday or weekend, there are various shows at 2pm, 3pm, 3.30pm, 4pm. Do catch them.

I strongly recommend the Fire Tornado Demonstration at 3pm (only once a day) at the Courtyard (same place as food outlets). Be there earlier to get a good place to sit/stand as it can get pretty crowded.

We watched another Science in the Kitchen show at 4pm at the Auditorium. It was the best and my favourite show of all. It was fun, interactive and entertaining, you get a bit of science knowledge and the hosts were so humourous! Too bad this show is no longer available. I only have photos to show you.

Let me tell you, this will be the bestest part of visiting the Science Centre for kids! The Waterworks! There are some science involved. The kids just love playing with water. Sometimes we visited at the end of the day and played as long as they can. Sometimes we went straight there at 10am because there were fewer people or in case it might rain in the afternoon. Whichever time, it will be a good waterplay area in Singapore now that admission is free!

At the end of the day after exiting, there is also a Curiosity Shop and a Kinetic Garden.

So, will end this post with lots and lots of photo of the Ecogarden!

A very old Blue Pea plant

Vanilla plant

Lots of vegetables here

Four Angled Bean