Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bake King Chocolate Desserts Demo Class

I attended a Chocolate Desserts Demo Class at Bake King last Sunday (18 March). The baking instructor is Mr Louis Tanuhadi who is an Ambassador for Tulip Chocolate from Indonesia, which is one of the largest chocolate manufacturers in Asia. He has several years experience as a pastry chef in Germany and Indonesia and has won several chocolate competitions in the region.

A candid shot before the class starts

Mr Louis Tanuhadi is a very humourous person and very generous in sharing his knowledge about baking. My friend and I are very glad to attend his class and I definitely learn a lot more about baking with chocolates. The class lasted for more than 3 hours from 10am to 1pm plus and desserts were served throughout the class, one after another. :)

These were the 4 chocolate desserts that we learnt in this demo class.

Steamed Brownies

Chocolate Lychee Mousse
My favourite dessert of the day

Chocolate Lava Cake

American brownies
The American brownies that we brought back, with a piece of steamed brownie.

We also received a door gift of one 250g of Tulip chocolate compound and a chocolate mould.

Thank you Bake King for inviting me to this demo class. :)

** Sorry for the quality of the photos. Time for my camera to retire soon.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Some homemade meals and a short break

Normally my mother decides what to cook for vegetable dishes (my parents are vegetarian and we cook vegetable and meat dishes separately). The meat dishes are forever the same. If there is fish, we steam or pan-fry; if there is prawn, we stir-fry; if there is chicken, we braise. We seldom eat pork cos we have a helper at home. If I'm eating alone, I like to steam chicken with red dates and wolfberries - quick and delicious. Or just steam minced pork and egg.

This was the rare time I cooked something special. Homemade Char Siew from Baking Mum - a non-baked version. I bought wu hua rou (五花肉) which is recommended for making char siew. But I still find it a little tough. But the braising sauce was really sweet and nice.

This was Mashed Potatoes with Eggs 偷师 from Wendy. Using a simple ratio of 1 russet potato : 1 hard boiled egg : 1 tbsp butter, the taste was so good! Definitely going to keep this recipe well.

Lastly, this Chicken Macaroni Soup with Wolfberries was my eat-alone meal. I don't really have a recipe, just anyhow cook. Writing it down for my own reference and for future adjustment.

(serves 1)
1. Boil 1/2 cup macaroni with water till almost cooked.
2. Add 50g chicken fillet (sliced thinly).
3. When the chicken is cooked, add in 10 wolfberries, some sesame oil, salt and pepper to taste.

* Sorry if you find the recipe too simple. It is strictly according to my boring tastebuds, which prefer plain food... garlic, spring onions, shallots are out for me, and I don't need chicken powder or other extra seasoning. The wolfberries are added to make it healthier, it is very good our eyes especially.


Lastly, as I foresee myself not going to update this blog very often, just treat me as if I'm taking a short break. I will still write some post but it will be slow and taking my own sweet time. Meanwhile, I just rest and relax, recharging and be back with goodies.