Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Growing edamame (毛豆)

Wanted to write this post since last year. Only finish writing now. Me bad!

Besides bittergourd, I have also been growing edamame. Yes, we can actually grow edamame (毛豆) in Singapore! I learned this from one instagram friend. And since I have received a few questions about growing edamame, after I posted mine on instagram :), I'm going to write about it.

No no, no intention to turn this into a gardening blog. My knowledge of plants is still very limited. I'm a theoretical gardener. Haha! My mum is the person who takes care of her garden and I just contribute by telling her what I read from the internet and taking photos. Check my newly created page for my past gardening related posts.

Ok, let's start by how to get the seeds. Usually we buy frozen edamame (above) to eat right? These I don't think you can grow cos they are already salted. You can get fresh edamame from Meidi-Ya. I bought my organic edamame from Giant supermarket (below).

Then you can leave them at room temp till the pods dry up. Open the pods, you will get these black edamame seeds.

Time to start planting. Put the seed in the soil about 1-2cm deep, cover the seed loosely with soil. Remember to water it. The sprouting rate is quite high. About 3 days later, it is out of the soil already.

Here are some photos of my first time planting edamame in August last year. This is the edamame plant after 1 week. Keep it supported when it is still young, in case it collapse with occasional strong wind and rain.

At week 2, see how fast it grows.

This is week 3, you can see many tiny flower buds coming out.

This is Day 25, I saw my first edamame flower. It's a tiny white flower. Very excited.

Soon you will see many baby pods growing out. Give it some organic fertilizer so that you will get 'fatter' edamame in the pods.

About another 1 month later, when the edamame is plump enough, you can harvest your homegrown edamame anytime! :)

My first harvest in September last year. It takes only about 2 months from sowing seeds to harvesting.

By the way, you can harvest edamame only ONE time. Then the plant will start to turn yellow and die. No worries. Save a few pods from your harvest, dry them up and keep them for the next planting. Then boil and cook the rest. That's what I always do. I have been growing many batches since I first started in August last year.

Start growing your own edamame now! :)