Thursday, February 26, 2009

I saw a rainbow

Nevermind, this is not related to baking. I just can't help posting this photo up. It was taken yesterday evening when I saw the beautiful rainbow at around 6.30pm. My place has a very good geographical location. :) I saw rainbows outside the corridor several times. So whenever there is rain and sunshine, I will tell my nephew to look out for the rainbow. :)

This rainbow lasted unusually long. In fact, there was a second rainbow beside it, which is fainter. I think it's the reflection of the first rainbow (if I'm not wrong) and its colours are opposite of the first one. It was still up there after 7pm and disappeared only when the sun set. And I believe it could be seen at many parts of Singapore.

I took this rare opportunity to take a picture of my mother's newly grown roselle plant. I hope they can grow up successfully.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Before CNY ends

I'm squeezing everything in this post just before the CNY ends. :)

I made another batch of pineapple tarts to use up the remaining pineapple paste. Initially, I wanted to use HHB's recipe. But I received a few recommendations on Mandy's recipe (Fresh from the Oven) too . I compare the 2 recipes and find that they are very similar. The difference is Mandy's recipe replaced some flour with cornstarch and added some icing sugar. So in the end, I decided to use Mandy's one. Sorry HHB! The pineapple tarts taste great! It simply melts in the mouth and the fillings inside remain very soft and moist. Rolling the jam into balls with wet hands really helps (click here for more tips from HHB). So those who are interested, you can try this next year!

You see, the above recipe used up 3 egg yolks, so with the remaining 3 egg whites, I made the Angel Food Cake from Baking Fiends. It was done pretty fast cos there were only 3 ingredients. I wasn't expecting much, I had enough failures in making chiffon cakes. I just constantly repeating to myself "stiff and glossy... stiff and glossy... stiff and glossy" when beating the egg whites. Although the result wasn't perfect, I was quite relieved to see that it did not sink at the top after cooling down.

Lastly, in order to use up the toblerone chocolate that is expiring soon, I made the Toblerone Ice Cream again. Send this to bakers all over the world using my unique stamp. :)