Monday, October 28, 2013

Happy Birthday Kids - Baked Donuts and Fondant Hello Kitty Cupcakes

My nieces birthday all fall in the month of September. So I made something for the goodie bags for their birthday party in school.

These are mini baked donuts with different toppings.

I packed them in these cute cookie bags. So girlish, I hope the boys didn't mind. :P

I did something more challenging for my elder niece after a few practices with fondant.

These few fondant hello kitty topping took me like 2 hours to complete.

Then I bake the cupcakes on the actual day of the party. And put the toppings on. It was very fun to play with fondant actually!

I'm taking a holiday break to Hong Kong this week. Hope to share some photos when I am back. Meanwhile, drop by my facebook as I update there more often. Cheers! :)