Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Melt-in-mouth German Cookies: Chocolate Marble Version

I started on my CNY cookies baking last weekend. I don't intend to bake a lot this year, although I might be tempted to bake more after seeing all the cookies posted. :) No more pineapple tarts this year after baking for 3 consecutive years, I'm a little sick of wrapping pineapple balls. ;)

So I plan to make 2 of my favourite cookies from past years. One of them is this Melt-in-mouth German Cookies, very well-rated by everyone who tasted.

This year's one comes with a new variation, the Chocolate Marble Version, learnt from Min and Ann.

I prefer this chocolate version since I like anything chocolate. You can also replace cocoa powder with green tea powder if you like green tea flavour.

This cookie is very soft and delicate. I give my little nieces one and they "crush them into powder form" as they hold too tightly. Wasted. Hehe! I make them smaller so that you can just pop the whole cookie into your mouth. It will just melt in your mouth!

I will quickly post this recipe up, so that you can try making it for this CNY. If you still have not make this cookie yet, please move this recipe to the top of your list and don't wait anymore. Do it NOW!

Melt-in-mouth German Cookies: Chocolate Marble Version

Ingredients (makes 60 pieces)

125g butter (I use SCS butter)
40g icing sugar, sifted
125g potato starch
80g superfine flour/plain flour
1 tbsp cocoa powder


1. Beat butter and icing sugar till fluffy and lighter in colour.

2. Sift in potato starch and flour, mix to form a soft dough.

3. Divide the dough into 2 equal portions, add 1 tbsp of cocoa powder to 1 portion and knead well.

4. Divide the plain dough into 60 pieces and the chocolate dough into 60 pieces.
(Or you can just pinch a bit of dough from both plain and chocolate dough. But make sure the combined dough are of roughly equal sizes.) Roll into small balls to form marble pattern.

5. Arrange on lined baking pan and press lightly with a fork (dip the fork in water after each press to prevent cookie dough from sticking to the fork).

6. Bake in preheated oven at 170 deg C for 15 mins, upper rack (need not bake till cookies turn brown).

Recipe adapted from: Melt-in-mouth German Cookies (last year) and Min's blog


  1. These cookies sounds yummy!

    I remember seeing a few bloggers baking CNY cookies using this recipe last year...I can't believe it's CNY soon again.

  2. This sure look great! Another yummy CNY cookies to try out :)

  3. 那么巧~我们连续两个post都是一样(一口酥和德式酥饼,只是馅料都不同)!哈哈~

  4. I like the colour combination. Very outstanding !!

  5. 去年我做了原味的,家人都好喜欢。。

  6. Going to try this for CNY! Curious what's the taste going to be like.

    Can I replace butter with margarine? As my mum is a vegeterian.

    Will the taste be affected?


  7. Zoe: It's very popular again this year, flavoured with chocolate or green tea. You should make it since the ingredients are so simple to get. :)

    Ellena: Still have some time. Try it if you can. :)

    Pink Lady: 是哦,真巧!你不说我还没注意到呢。你下一个要post什么!嘻嘻!

    Joyce: Thanks! Actually the chocolate colour should be darker, I cut down on the cocoa powder as I thought it will make the cookie bitter. But no, the taste still quite sweet. So use 1 tbsp, hehe! :)

    Sally: 去年我也做了原味的,很受欢迎。材料做法又简单,所以以后可以每年都做。哈哈!

    Elin: If you like buttery and milky cookies, you will like this. I never use margarine before but no problem replacing butter with margarine. Should still taste good. Let me know if you try it. :)

  8. 去年我做了原味的,好吃到不得了,这款mix的一定更赞!!我得加油了。。。快快开工也!!

  9. I love these butter cookies. Going to bake it soon.

  10. Got it! Will try either this week or next week (:

    Any idea how long can the cookies last?


  11. myme: 我还会再做,好像不够吃。哈哈!

    Ann: I think this is going to be very popular cos a lot of bloggers baking it. :)

    Elin: Should be able to last for a few weeks as long as you keep it airtight and hide it away from your family. Or else will be gone in a day. Hehe!

  12. hi have u tried putting chocolate chips?

  13. My Quay Lo love these butter cookies. Got to bake some specially for him this CNY:D I think this recipe is simple enough for me to try:D

  14. 虽然家人不是很喜欢德国酥饼的味道,但今年我会尝试混合口味的。

  15. Like you, I'm skipping pineapple tarts this year. And guess what, I made these German cookies for 2012 CNY too! I made a few variations, the original, chocolate marble, chocolate (added in some baking soda) and matcha. My kids love the choc version best.

  16. And I'm making another batch tomorrow :-)

  17. your bakes always look so high quality XD

  18. Ya, thinking to bake this too during this weekend :)

  19. The cookies look so delicious! Will try out your recipes. Thanks for sharing! :)

  20. Anonymous: You can try, it sounds good!

    Quay Po Cooks: I also like it because it is so simple. A bit rush for this year's cny, so have to go for simple recipes. :)

    shan: 我的家人还蛮喜欢的,不过有的说还是腰豆饼好吃。哈哈!

    Blessed Homemaker: So many variations! I wanted to try matcha but my family don't really like it very much. I think the colour will be very pretty for choc+matcha combination!

    noobcook: Thanks! Hope you can bake more too!

    DG: I bake another batch too. See yours soon!

    YummyFoodBook: You also try soon! :)

  21. Eileen@Hundred Eighty Degrees17 January 2012 22:52

    Hi SSB, I've tried the plain ones and they are really good. Melted right away when they were popped into the mouth. Awesome!

  22. Hi SSB, need your advise. I have just finish baking, and tasted one, the cookies is not sweet- am I right? I do find the texture very soft after adding in the flour, is it suppose to be like that? I put in the fridge for about 10 min, still soft, so when i roll the dough, i rub some flour in both my hand...don't if I am doing it correctly, the end result looks good. Very buttery taste, i dun find it sweet at all....


  23. Hi SSB,
    Kindly advise how long do u beat the butter and sugar? When u say knead well, what do u mean by that?
    Appreciate your advise.

  24. Eileen: Really good right? Hehe. :)

    Emily: Ya, I think the sweetness is just nice for me. You can adjust the amount of sugar according to your preference.

    Yes, it is supposed to be a very soft and sticky dough. You can put in the fridge for a while if it is too sticky. And lightly flour your hands. You are doing correctly.

    You can beat until the mixture turns pale. In fact, I did a batch beating manually with spoon and just mix until icing sugar dissolve. The result still good.

    The kneading part is when you add cocoa powder. So need to knead until the cocoa powder is well-mixed into the dough.

    Hope my answers help. :)

  25. Thanks! girl just taste and tell me is tasteless...will make another batch tonight, probably add chocolate chips :)

  26. Can I ask if I can use tapioca starch rather than potato starch? thanks

  27. Hi SSB,

    Thank you for putting up this recipe. It's so attractive and easy to make that I think I did well the first time round. Needed to add a little more sugar for my taste and it will be perfect! :)
    Happy Lunar New Year!

  28. Emily: Maybe children like chocolate flavour better. Actually I also prefer chocolate ones. :)
    Happy Dragon Year to you and family too!

    Anonymous: Eh, I'm not so sure. I guess it will taste different.

    Carol: Thanks! Glad to know you like it. This is really easy even for beginners. I wish you a Happy Dragon Year too!

  29. Hi SSB! I've tried out the Nigella's Chocolate Chocolate-Chip Muffins recipe from your blog & they taste great! Although it was a little burnt at the bottom, think I'll use both heating element instead of just the bottom heating element next time. (still need time to bond with my new cheapo oven hehe :p}

    I'm keen to try out this recipe since there're so many raves! But I dont have a mixer so I thought of investing in a cheap one. I reckon that I just need a low end mixer either with stand or the handheld one which cost like 30+. Still deciding whether buy the handheld one or one with stand. I think the one with stand takes up alot of space & I've to wipe the whole machine but I've no proper mixing bowl on hand so with the hand held one I've to buy another mixing bowl, sucha headache haha.

    I saw ikea's baking mat & it's so cute! thinking whether I should invest in one.

    btw, I saw one of your post & I think you stay near jw right? do you patronize the bake shop beside the dry store often? what's good to buy over there? my mum always go marketing over there during the weekends & I bought my flour & butter there for my first bake

    keep all the good recipe going! :)

  30. Grace: Thanks for the long message! :)

    I agree the Nigella's Muffins is great and so simple to make. I always use both top and bottom heat for baking. Place in the middle rack for muffins. If it is still burnt you might want to reduce your oven temp. My oven also cheap and no brand. It doesn't matter. :)

    This german cookies doesn't need mixer. But it will be good to get a mixer if you are making cakes. My mixer is the stand type. I think it is better, no need to hold with your hands. If you need, you can always detach it.

    The baking mat is so cute! Aiyo, you are tempting me.

    I stay in jurong east actually. Only sometimes will go JW. Most of the time I go Clementi Phoon Huat.

    Hope you can show us your bakes one day. :)

  31. Haha, my oven instructions for baking is anyhow one, that's why I got my muffins burnt! I'm gonna try both heating next time!

    The german cookies doesnt need doesnt need mixer? Then I'm gonna try it out soon!

    Oh.. I thought you stay near jw that's why you go there. My school is at clementi! So I'll have chance to go Clementi Phoon huat soon! I usually go to the one at bencoolen but think I've already checked out all the stuffs there, hope the clementi outlet got more things.

    Haha, I'm thinking of setting up a blog to keep those recipes but time constraint now due to exams coming, hopefully I dont procrastinate & get it done soon then I can link u up!

    Btw, I'm curious, if the recipe calls for like a 8" cake tin, but if you only have a 6" cake tin, do you adjust the recipe, if so how you do it eh?

  32. Grace: Aiya, I also burnt my cookies when I first started baking. Have to take time to know your oven. Get an oven thermometer if you need.

    I tried german cookies without using mixer before, cos lazy to wash. They taste the same. But if you making larger batch, use mixer better, hands not so tired. :)

    Let me know when you start your blog. It's nice to keep a record of what you bake. Sometimes, you can keep your own notes and look back when you need.

    I halve the recipe if adjusting from 8" round to 6" round. Do the math, area of 6" divide area of 8", roughly ~0.5. You need to reduce your baking time also.

  33. hello, i wanted to know if the butter you used was salted or unsalted.

  34. Dear SSB,
    hi...just found ur's so awesome...very inspiring...cookies look so adorable..i hope i can try to make it for this christmas...thanks for sharing t he recipe...can't wait... :)


    1. Hi desma, thank you! This cookie is very popular. I'm sure you will like it! :)

  35. Hi may I know for this "Or you can just pinch a bit of dough from both plain and chocolate dough. But make sure the combined dough are of roughly equal sizes. Roll into small balls to form marble pattern"
    Am I supposed to be mixing both Doughs together? If yes? How? Press them Down together with the fork?
    Please reply! Thanks!

    1. Yes, you mix the 2 doughs together, but don't overmix or they will blend together and no more marble patterns. Just press the 2 dough together, roll slightly just enough to form a ball with some swirl pattern, then press with a fork to flatten the dough. Hope you understand what I mean. :)

  36. Yes I do! Thanks!!!

  37. Hi i've tried your marble cookies today and it's so easy and taste yummy, thanks! I used both convention & electric oven, still trying to familiar with my electric oven cos need to choose top/bottom/all etc??? The cookies burnt when i used electric oven! Emily

  38. Hi! May I know whether the butter required are to be softened at room temperature or should it be cold and firm?

    1. Hi jie lin, butter to be softened at room temperature.