Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Goodbye 2014 Hello 2015

Another year is gone, so fast. Time to look back at some of the more memorable posts in 2014 (though not much)!

I did the Blueberry Crumble Muffins in January. The photo got me drooling again!

My CNY bakes - 2 types of pineapple tarts with SCS butter! Which one do you prefer?

My must-bake every year, the cashew nut cookies. Probably the last time you will see them in this shape. Still very sad that I lost the mini crescent-shape cookie cutter. :(

My second CNY Bake Sale partly for charity. Tell me, I shouldn't continue next year. So tedious!

My attempt to make Hidden Hearts in my chiffon cake. Pretty yah!

A KitKat and M&Ms chocolate cake. Fun making it!

Completed writing about my Hong Kong trip.

Went Bangkok in May and have not completed writing it, forever in the draft folder. Lol! Surprisingly, the Planning for the Trip post is quite popular with the readers.

The Japanese Cotton Cheesecake has quite many likes in my IG!

Mooncake making for Mid-Autumn Festival.

How can I not bake my favourite chiffon cakes. Usually the ordinary ones. But this Neapolitan chiffon cake comes with 3 flavours that reminds me of the ice cream.

Went for a short Malacca trip in November. Will be writing about it next time.

Then I slack of the rest of the year. I will leave those in the draft to next year. Aiyo!

Looking back at 2014, I had baked and blogged lesser. Most of the time I when I bake, I tend to bake those that family prefers to eat and using the same recipes. That explains the reason of lesser blogging. Sometimes I also feel lazy to blog because oh yes I already posted the photos on FB and IG, haha! Then I also did not go around reading blogs as much as I used to and thus somehow lost some inspiration to bake something new?? Haha, cos we tend to be influenced by what other bloggers posted.

Then this question always repeats, whether I should continue blogging. The answer is almost always yes (I admit I have thought of giving it up many times). Because this blog records all my baking recipes, my success, my failures, my life, my memories. Although I rarely read back what I had written unless I need to find a recipe. LOL! I know many 'old' bloggers also post lesser and lesser or some even quit because it is really hard to maintain a blog due to personal commitments or have switch to other social medias.

Forward to 2015, I will like to continue blogging as long as I can, although not regularly. I may not blog all about baking now, I will also include some of the places I have been to and keep my memories here. Wishing a great year in 2015 for me and everyone!