30.09.10. Super Soft Custard Bread 卡士达超软土司 ("孟老师的100道面包")
05.04.09. Creamy Braided Bread
14.07.08. Golden Crown Bread - Overnight Sponge Dough ("Baking Code" by Alex Goh)
02.06.08. Wholemeal Bread
05.05.08. Cream Cheese Bread
26.04.08. Yogurt Bread
06.04.08. Farmhouse White Loaf ("Bread: The definitive guide to making bread by hand or machine")
25.03.08. Plaited Loaf
22.03.08. Milk Loaf


17.10.15. No knead breads: Sugar Rolls and Rotiboy Coffee Buns
15.04.13. 爱上~微波面包 (中种)-原味/红麴蔓越莓/巧克力
09.10.11. Butter Sugar Buns - cooked dough method (烫面) ("烫出面包香 by Alex Goh")
21.06.11. Aspiring Bakers #8: Potato Hotdog Buns 马铃薯热狗面包 (and Vegetarian Otah Buns) ("孟老师的100道面包")
11.06.11. Aspiring Bakers #8: Mini Butter Buns 牛油小面包 ("孟老师的100道面包")
18.04.09. Polo Buns
07.10.08. Red Bean Buns ("孟老师的100道面包")
04.08.08. Black Sesame Buns ("孟老师的100道面包")
08.04.08. Mexican Coffee Buns ("I can bake" by Agnes Chang)
21.12.07. Sweet Buns


06.04.08. Thin-Crust Vegetarian Pizza
22.08.07. Quick and Simple Pizza
23.06.07. Vegetarian Pizza