Saturday, March 22, 2008

Machine at work

21 March 2008

You surely know what this machine is. It's a bread machine of course. I didn't buy this. It belongs to my mother's friend who seldom use it. So we borrowed over since she's just staying in the block just next to ours. I never expected it to be such a big set. It is Breville Breadmaster Big Loaf breadmaker that can make 3 loaves size: 1.5kg, 1kg & 750g, and has 12 automatic settings including even pasta dough, pizza dough & jam setting. Must be a really good one. I have no idea how much this costs.

As I have never used a bread machine before, I start by first reading the manual and then go straight to Happy Homebaker's blog for source of good bread recipes. Finally, I settle for the Milk Loaf since it has been getting wonderful reviews from other bloggers who have tried it.

I increase the recipe by 1.5 times according to Aimei's milk loaf. Since I do not have any loaf pan or pullman tin, instead of bringing the dough out to proof and shape, I just leave everything to the bread machine. I set it to basic white, 750g and light crust and the whole process takes 3.03hrs. Starting at only 5:30pm in the evening, it is estimated to be done by 8:30pm.

My house smells like a bakery by night. It is really amazing to see how the bread machine works and how easy to use it, erm... except for the removing part. I take quite some time to remove it out of the pan. It's hot and I have to wait for it to cool a bit first. Still I haven't figured how to remove it. In the end, I manage to take it out by shaking the pan vigorously upside down. And parts of the bottom of the bread come out still sticking to one of the blades. That's the downside of using the bread machine.

No disappointment at all. It is crusty on the outside and very soft and fluffy inside. So soft that it is quite hard to slice them properly. It definitely keeps well cos it still tastes as good in the next morning as breakfast.

I want more breads! :)


  1. Hi Small Small Baker!
    Your milk loaf looks very lovely ;)
    I think I should try making another milk loaf using the bread machine too :D

  2. wow SSB, such a cool looking breadmaker! I don't mind getting it but won't have the space to use or store it :( this is a FANTASTIC recipe, super soft and yummy

  3. Seems like you had fun with the breadmaker ;) I do have to shake the bread pan to remove the bread...and yes, the blade always get stuck into the loaf!

  4. Thanks sweet-tooth! I'm going to make the milk loaf again too. :)

    Hi yuri, it's really big and luckily I'm using it temporarily only. Will get a small breadmaker in future.

    Hi HHB, yes I'm really enjoying breadmaking now cos it's almost effortless. Lazy me. Haha... :)

  5. What a nice milk loaf! I like that your bread machine bakes bread that is long while mine is tall. Haha...if you know what i mean... :P

  6. Hi Aimei! Yes, I understand what u say. I just bought the Bluesky breadmaker. The breadpan is tall and has only 1 blade. I'm so eager to use it. :) Will have to return this bread machine to its owner already :(