Monday, March 10, 2008

Cocoa Yogurt Cashew Nuts Cake

10 March 2008

I baked this Cocoa Yogurt Cashew Nuts Cake with some cashew nuts and remaining yogurt left from the precious yogurt cake. I followed the recipe from Happy Homebaker, but I substituted the instant coffee powder with cocoa powder instead.

I did not cover the cake pan with a layer of foil. Luckily the crumbles did not fall off very much from the cake when I turn the cake out. As described by HHB, it is indeed very very tasty. It really tasted almost like a cheesecake with the 3 layers of crumbles made out of digestive biscuits. My nephew and I were eating and nodding with satisfaction, though I find it a little sweet. I'm thinking the possibility of using oreo biscuits for the crumbles next time. It is really good and I encourage everyone to try this out!