Sunday, March 02, 2008

Min Jiang Kueh (Peanut Pancakes)

2 March 2008

I have always wanted to try this since I saw it on Aimei's blog more than 2 months ago. This is a Chinese-style pancake, traditionally stuffed with ground peanut fillings. There are also a variety of fillings such as red bean paste, or even kaya, blueberry, chocolate and cheese! It's not particularly my favourite, but I occasionally eat it as breakfast or snack.

It is quite easy to make. It took only 1 hour to wait for the batter to double in size. And less than 15 minutes to finish making the pancakes. The texture is softer and less chewy compared to those selling outside but I actually prefer these pancakes. It remains soft even after leaving it for a few hours. My mother really likes it and says that we don't to buy it anymore. I would prefer a different filling, perhaps cheese or chocolates. :)