Sunday, August 30, 2015

Singapore Science Centre and SG50 Lego Set

I had planned to do many things during the Golden Jubilee Weekend for SG50, like visiting the Botanic Gardens, Black Knights aerial display, free entry to ArtScience Museum and free cable car ride at Sentosa. But all plans were spoilt due to the rain and long queues that took hours, which led to my laziness to just stay away from the crowd. I have patience for everything except waiting and queueing!

So in the end, the only place I visited was the Singapore Science Centre (again). I intended to go for the free entry to Omni-Theatre as it was a long time since I watched show there. But this was what I saw at the entrance! All FULL!

No choice but to leave... but I was told to visit the Interplay: Where Science Meets Art exhibition at the Annexe building. Ok, better than nothing.

The Kinetic Light Sculpture

Look at the crowd! It's crazy!

Exiting the exhibition, it was back to the Singapore Science Centre. I wasn't quite interested as I visited quite a few times before. They were more or less the same and also too many people. I checked that there was a new show - The Art Chemist Science Show going to start soon. Yes, so I watched it. It was quite ordinary except the last part that excited the audience. 

When hot water is added to liquid Nitrogen - BOOM! A short clip below.

And then I left, seeing the crowd from the entrance all the way to the bus stop! Just crazy.

On the same day, I also collected my SG50 Lego Set. Yah, I had to buy it online. Spent my time playing with it. So fun! 

I'm expecting to be able to build the 3 buildings separately and display them. Only realize after opening the set that there is only 1 base and some of the parts are shared, which makes it impossible to build 3 at the same time. Why like that? Small disappointment.

There are 3 levels of difficulty for different ages for the 3 buildings. I try all of them!

Gardens by the Bay

Changi Airport

Cavenagh Bridge

This is how I attempt to combine all 3 on the small base. Now I just need to find a box to display it.