Friday, July 30, 2010

Super soft and moist - Banana Cake!

I have a little booklet that contains all my handwritten recipes. Not every recipe goes into this book. Only those that I have tried and deserve keeping. Reasons?

1) Because I will make them over and over again, I need to write it down and whenever I need it, I don't have to switch on the computer to look for it.

2) Why not print it out? Because I don't write exactly the same way people write recipes online. They are all in note and table form, no lengthy descriptions, adding short notes on any adjustment needed for ingredients, baking temperature and time, etc. It's like making study notes.

3) The little booklet can be taken to the kitchen when I'm baking, without taking much space.

4) Perhaps I can pass this down to others in future yah? But I think only I can understand what I have written. :)

So, the reason why I'm talking so much about this little booklet is because this - Super soft and moist banana cake - goes straight into my booklet after baking and eating it. This wonderful recipe is Grace's Banana Walnut Cake. I was searching for banana cake recipes, none seem to attract my attention except hers. It uses only very little butter and sugar, and adds yoghurt to make it soft and moist. I omitted the walnut cos I did not have any when I was baking. Must do that the next time I bake.

And if you are wondering how I get that nice slit on top? After pouring the batter into the loaf tin, just use a knife or skewer and make a cut through the centre of the batter. Got this tip from a book! :)