Sunday, July 11, 2010

A cheque from Nuffnang

Last week, I got a pleasant surprise in my mailbox. I receive my 1st earning from blogging - a cheque from Nuffnang, with a payment of S$186.72!

For those who do not know, Nuffnang is Asia-Pacific’s first and leading blog advertising community based in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Australia. They provide an online platform that allows advertisers to place advertisements onto more than 100,000 blogs. As a blogger, all you need to do is to register an account with them and place ad units onto your blog and sit and wait for earnings to run in. Oops, no, you still need to continue blogging for good payment. :)

Of course, I don't blog to earn money. I place Google ads too. They are just for fun. I never really pay attention or login to check how much money I have earned. I don't remember when I join Nuffnang. From the payment history, I got my 1st payment from an ad placed on my blog from 19 Oct to 25 Oct 2008 and the payment was only S$0.20. I have no idea that it has accumulated to this much. (Actually you just need to earn S$50 to cashout your payment.) I think it is a very good amount considering that I did not expect any earnings at all :) I have an excuse to get baking stuffs with this money. Thanks to Nuffnang!


On the other hand, I'm getting curious. I'm sure many of you place these ads on your blog too, if you own one. But I have never seen anyone blog that they do earn some amount from it. Maybe I too boring so I decide to write about it.

Can I do a little survey here? Telling me like, do you place any ads in your blog, any payment receive yet, and the website that you join (e.g. Nuffnang). Leave your comment to share. I'm sure it will benefit all bloggers here. Thank you!