Sunday, July 26, 2009

Problem with Blogger again

A short update from me before I take a hiatus from blogging.

This Blogger problem has been frustrating me so much that I have no mood to post anymore. My new post screen can't display properly and the editing icons are missing, including the upload photo icon. I can only type plain text like this.

I still continue my daily routine of blog-visiting for interesting new posts. I read all the blogs that I follow with envy. Everyone is blogging something and nobody complains about any problem. So is it my problem or Blogger's problem.

Anyway, I have received a second award. I also made a Mars Bar Ice Cream, another eggless, very simple recipe that is extremely soft and creamy.

I will post about it when the problem is gone. Dunno when.


  1. Hi SSB,

    I also face the same problem since last week. :( I thought it was my web page problem, so I used my Hubby lab top and it is fine. My hubby try to repair it but it still the same???? Now it very troublesome for me to post any of my bakes. One problem solved and one more problem arouse. Very frustrating. :(

  2. Hi Small Small Baker,
    Same problem happened to me two days ago. So now I use 2 browser, internet explorer or firefox browser.
    Hope this will help.

  3. Hi SSB,

    I face the same problem when I use the computer at my mother's home to blog. The edit, attach photos, etc icons have disappeared.

    I do not get the same problem when I am using the computer at my own home. As such, I am not sure what is wrong.

  4. Hi I'm having the same problem as u..
    so frustrating's been like 5 days for me already.. =(
    hope we can update our blogs soon! =)

  5. I know how u feels now. I hope the problem will be solve soon and looking forward for your post!!

  6. Hi Small Small Baker

    I am facing the same problem, so it is the Blogger's problem.

    I like reading your blog and looking forward to your eggless Mars Bar ice cream.

    Congrate to your award too.

  7. I had the same problem...but it was one point I can only type plain text...then the editing icons came back...but I can't upload the photos ;(

  8. Hi SSB,

    I was having the same problem since last week. At first I thought it was a new format until this morning when I tried to upload photos that I realized the upload image icon went missing!! Hope this problem could be rectified soon.


  9. I heard a friend with blogspot problem too. Hope it's fixed soon. Will miss your posts! Don't stop baking! :D

  10. Try to use another browser,Firefox. So far, I don't encounter any problem!(Touchwood! :D) It's faster. :)

  11. Update: I downloaded and installed the firefox browser, but still can't work. :(

  12. The same problem just started a couple days ago for me! No icons at I used IE instead of firefox..and it is ok. ;-P