Sunday, January 16, 2011

Aspiring Bakers #3: Melt-in-mouth German Cookies 德式酥饼

Besides the usual pineapple tarts and cashew nuts cookies, which I will be baking in the next 2 weeks, I decide to try out this German Cookies which is very popular in the Chinese baking blogs.

Before I start praising about how good these cookies are, let me ask you:

How many blogs are you following?

I think I'm following at least 100 blogs, which I do read regularly and leave comments.
Not counting those blogs which I glimpse through, without commenting and do not read each and every post. I will try to finish my daily blog reading in an hour, so I hardly leave comments. Sorry to my friends out there.

Another reason is I'm pretty bad at words and sometimes, even though I feel like commenting, I don't really know what to type. I will most probably be very repetitive. "Looks great!" "Very pretty!" "Must be very delicious!" That's all I can come up with. ;) But I really mean it. I'm just bad at words.

I also have another habit when I read through baking blogs. Sometimes I can get very interested in a particular blog, usually those which I have followed for some time but not from the beginning. I will take a few weeks to read the blog starting right from the very first post and all the comments. It takes up a lot of time but I enjoy it. It's a good way to know about the person behind the blog. And you can also see the improvement in baking, photo-taking and sometimes a change in writing style. I don't know how many of you actually do this!

I'm going to do something special here. I'm introducing you a blog which I have been recently reading through.

Min's Blog
A Chinese baking blog from Malaysia. Sometimes, you can find her recipes in English.
Her blog was initially a very personal one. Later, she starts to write about her passion like baking, cooking, gardening and travelling. I like her writing style, her photos and the food she has made. Remember to drop by her blog. I will introduce more blogs if I do find one that is worth recommending. :)

Min, 如果你有读到这一段,我是花了几个星期的时间,从头到尾把你的部落格读了一遍。虽然很少留言,你可能没留意到我。但是我觉得应该介绍你给大家。希望你有越来越多读者和支持者!

Coming back to my new year bake. This 德式酥饼 was first read from Min's blog. When I read it again from Cook.Bake.Love, I decided to get a pack of potato starch to give it a try. I did an experiment using different amount of flour. The recipe from Min's blog uses less flour and the dough is very sticky and difficult to roll. The recipe from Cook.Bake.Love uses more flour and easy to handle. After baking, there is not much difference in taste. Both are melt-in-mouth kind and very buttery fragrant using SCS butter. If you have the time, try this out!

Potato starch

Melt-in-mouth German Cookies 德式酥饼

Ingredients (makes 60 pieces)

125g butter
40g icing sugar, sifted
125g potato starch
80g superfine flour (I use plain flour, tried out both 50g and 80g, both good)


1. Beat butter and icing sugar till fluffy and lighter in colour.

2. Sift in potato starch and flour, mix to form a soft dough.

3. Roll into small balls (about 2cm in diameter), arrange on lined baking pan and press lightly with a fork (dip the fork in water after each press to prevent cookie dough from sticking to the fork).

4. Bake in preheated oven at 170 deg C for 15 mins, upper rack (need not bake till cookies turn brown).

Recipe adapted from: Min's blog and Cook.Bake.Love

I am submitting this cookie to Aspiring Bakers #3: My Favourite CNY Cookie (Jan 2011), hosted by j3ss kitch3n.


  1. good effort in trying out different kinds of flour! your cookies look really pretty together! i can imagine it melting in my mouth :D

  2. 这个饼干真的蛮不错吃,我家的2老都很喜欢哦~

  3. Wooow what a soft cookies......

  4. Looks really light in texture and melty... Will love to try out this recipe too.

  5. SSB, your cookies look lovely!

    p/s: Not only you but I'm too bad at words ^_^ yes, Min's blog is lovely, I did the same as you sometimes ago on her blog :D She has long hair many years ago =)

  6. Nice-looking cookies. Tempted to try out!

  7. Am hesitating whether to bake for CNY or not...:( But,after seeing these pretty & lovely cookies, I may rush to buy the ingredients! :D

    Just to check, is it better or easy to use those cookies cutters? And can cake flour/HK flour be used? Paiseh,paiseh, so many questions...

  8. my mouth is watering just by looking at that pic of those German cookies~~~!!!! yummy~!:)

  9. SSB, the cookies look so temtpting! Love the color.

    p/s: I am bad with words and tend to come off as repetitive too. And I read particular blog from beginning until the latest post and observed the changes.xD

  10. Jean: I was just curious and want to find out if the amt of flour is different, will it taste the same. Luckily there was not much difference. Use the one with more flour, it's much more easier to handle.

    Tracylow: 谢谢关临!我家一家大小也都很喜欢。

    Cathy: Thanks! Try it out if u have the time.

    Saras: Thanks! Try out too!

    Wen:Try out it, I'm sure you will like it.

    Ah Tze: Thanks! You did the same too? I'm glad I'm not the only one who do this. :)

    j3ss: Thanks!

    busygran: Must try!

    MH: The ingredients are quite simple. Only 4. :) The dough is very soft type. I think it is better to roll with hands. Use 80g of flour. You can use cake flour/HK flour. If you want to use cutters for certain shapes/design, better to chill it. I'm scared it will stick or will not retain the shape well. If you try out let me know. :)

    Jen: Thanks, this is easy for any beginners, do try it.

    Jet:Thanks! You do read from first to last post too? Glad to know I'm not the only one. But I only do it when I get really interested in that blog. Or else too time-consuming. :)

  11. SSB, I used to be the same as you, read through all the posting for my favourite blogs but too many nice blogs and too little time, I actually stopped doing it, trying to do that when I am available but always seem difficult to make it. Now daily blog visiting is not possible for me already, I can do it once every few days :(.

    The cookies looks delicious, I have bookmarked it too.

  12. Do these German cookies taste anything like sugee cookies? :)

    I have a similar method of reading blogs as you do, mainly because I'm very kaypoh as to the person's background, but I haven't been leaving comments because I read posts via a feed and cos I'm lazy but I'm trying, especially because I'm new :X

  13. Love the pale colour of the cookies, seems that it must be tasty too!

  14. SSB,

    We have the same habit! I tot I am the only crazy person who does this.

    One of the blog that I have read through recently is Min's blog (bingo!). And I have also read through your blog when I first discovered your blog 2 years ago.

    Bte, your cookies look really good. I can tell from the picture that they are airy and fluffy and of coz melt-in-the-mouth. :)

  15. I just made these and they were the most wonderfully buttery and crumbly cookies i came across! thanks so much for sharing! :)

  16. Jess: I didn't do it very often also. So far I only manage to finish Min's blog and it took weeks. Some I only read halfway. :)

    Janine: I have not tried sugee cookies before, can't tell u whether they taste the same or not. I don't do it for each and every blog. There are just too many. :)

    DG: More and more people trying this now. It's good!

    Angel: I'm crazy too. But so far I only finished Min's blog. The rest some I read halfway, some I stop halfway. Hers is the only one that got me interested all the way. I think I have noticed your blog from the beginning, but someday I might reread yours again. :)

  17. I baked this for CNY last year, all family members like it very much, but dont intend to bake again this year, wanted to try something new ^_^

  18. i have also seen this up on few of the chinese bloggers, i guess the cookies must be really really nice.
    i can understand when you mentioned regarding commenting on someone's blog. Even when it's the same old repetitive words,i'm pretty sure the owner of the blog wld still be very glad and appreciate all those words

  19. Thanks for sharing Min's blog! I like her writing too. very simple and earnest. Unlike mine,so imprudent. haha :p

  20. I'm also not that good with words :x having said that I think your cookies are pretty esp with the fork markings :p

  21. SSB: Hope I'm not too late to write a comment here :( I just realize this post now, don't know why I miss out this post. Thanks for reading my blog, actually last time I used to write a lot of personal things, mostly on my daily life. After I got interested in baking, and get to know a lot of bloggers, then I started to post up most of the recipes. I spend a lot of time everyday to read up a lot of blogs too, until late in the midnight sometimes, I think it's a good platform for us to exchange ideas and recipes. Thanks for recommending my blog, really appreciate it very much. Happy Baking ya!

  22. 很漂亮哦,白白的,我也喜欢这款饼,真的好吃:)

  23. Esther: Every year I try to learn to bake something new, but always end up baking the same old cookies that my family like. :( This is my first time trying this cookie. Glad it is well-liked!

    Lena: Yes, this cookie is getting very popular this year! I agree, I must make it a point to comment more often. :)

    travellingfoodies: Your blog looks great! A new one for me to explore. :)

    Wiffy: Thanks! No, you write very well, much much better than me. :)

    Min: So glad that you read my post. I was dropping hints at your blog to drop by here. Hehe! I'm glad I choose to read through your blog. Have got to know more about you and read with more 亲切感. Like reading an old friend's blog. :)

    鲸鱼蓝蓝蓝: 谢谢光临!其实我常到你家坐坐,只是没留言。有看到你也做了这酥饼。中文部落格我才刚接触。有好多朋友家都没去过咧!

  24. Hi! Thanks for your recipe. Just baked a tub the other day, using: HKG flour and salted butter. The cookies were very well received by my family! :) Will baked some more varying the flour amount during my next baked next week. BTW you use salted butter or unsalted? Does it make any different to the cookies?

    And hey, tomorrow I'm attempting your cashew nuts cookies. Wish me luck. :)

  25. MH: Glad that you all like this recipe. It's the most popular cny cookie this year. I use salted butter for most of my bakes. Cos I spread my bread with the same butter, so always buy salted one. Maybe you can try unsalted one, see any difference? Good luck for your cashew nut cookies. :)

  26. Don't worry. Baking and cooking blogs are mushrooming everywhere!! There isn't a way for you to read thru every single one and to leave comments! After all, we just don't live in the virtual world ... Now, since career matters to me too while trying to find the time to bake and cook, time has become so precious that I've cut down a lot on blog-hopping and only leave comments and read thru those I personally find interesting and with whom (the blog owners) I've made TRUE friends. I actually prefer when there's something for me to read about, I'm not there just for the food and recipes. Good photography does help, frankly. Just my two cents, hope you don't mind.

    SSB, honestly, sometimes I don't even know if there are people reading whatever I've written ... I gotta admit comments do provide some sort of feedback to me in terms of that ... Oh, well ... World moves on. Since I take writing on blog a way to discipline and train myself up in writing, creative thinking and organizing my thoughts, I think I'm doing it out of passion ... that I enjoy the process. In fact, my blog has helped me secure a job recently too ... since I'm in the writing industry, writing to earn a living.

    Everyone blogs, blog-hops for his/her reasons, for different reasons ... Don't worry. What I like about yours is I feel the sincerity, I get to know you as a person thru your words here.

    I like your blog for who you are, your honesty, your enthusiasm. Take care!

  27. Peilin: After blogging for more than 3 years, I have past the stage which I have to leave comments to get people's attention. Now I leave comments only when I feel something about what author writes or when I truly feel the need to compliment on what they made.

    For some of the blogs, I have been reading them for few years already. I read them like reading an old friend's story, although we have never met before. Although it's a virtual world, it gives me the satisfaction that real life doesn't.

    Thanks for taking the time to read mine, I know you have been busy. I know many readers have been with me for the past 3 years, sometimes silently. Truly appreciate everyone. :)

  28. SSB - I just tried this - very nice and am submitting to aspiring baker #3 - my favourite cny cookie.

  29. Hi, tried your recipe on Sat. Since I have leftover Baileys from Xmas, I added 2tbsp into the mixture plus some choc rice. The mixture was a bit too sticky to handle becoz of the Baileys, so had to add in another 1/3 cup flour. The end result was perfect with a tinge of Bailey's smell. Tks for your recipe. -Eve-

  30. Yummy Koh: Great to see another entry. Glad that you like this. ;)

    Eve: Thanks for trying it out. Very unique to add Bailey's into the cookies. I have also added some vanilla extract, tastes good!

  31. Hi SSB,

    I am also not good with words and I do follow alot of blogs esp when I have so many interests. I also did not leave comments at every blog but like you, there are some blogs that I like, I will follow through till their first post .. and yes, it is tiring . .. but haven been doing that since I need to sleep early now (today exception) as I wake up at 6am.

    It is really through all these blog following, and reading through that I get to feel so close to the blog owner thou I do not comment too.

    Now I must really sleep, if not I cannot wake up tmr for the kids :-(

  32. By the way, if I do not have superfine flour and would like to replace with plain or cake flour, I still use 80g? (since you said you have tested and 80g is better).

    May I find out why did you try out to reduce the flour content?

  33. Sherlyn: You are my biggest supporter. Thanks!

    Yes, you can replace with 80g plain or cake flour. I tried both 50g and 80g flour because Min's blog uses 50g and CBL uses 80g. I just want to know if there is any difference. For me, they taste very much the same, but it is definitely easier to handle the 80g flour, not so sticky. :)

  34. Can I replace the potato starch with either corn starch or tapioca starch?
    I'm new here. :) Thanks.

  35. Hi, I never try before. I think it is possible to use corn starch since it is commonly used in cookies for melt-in-mouth texture. Not sure if it will affect the taste or not. Happy baking!

  36. I just tried this recipe, and noticed that the dough was very crumbly. I paid no mind to it, but when I began to press my fork into the balls, the sides began to crack. I knew I couldn't do anything, but try again. It is still in the oven baking away, but could you possibly tell me what went wrong? I halved the recipe

  37. Hi, I'm not sure what's wrong. Since there are only 4 ingredients in this recipe, my guess is the flour is too much, making the dough too dry and crumbly. Did u use 50g or 80g of plain flour? Maybe can reduce the flour. Hope your cookies are still good. Let me know the results. :)

  38. The recipe looks easy and the cookies look soft from the photos. I will copy down the recipe and try it. Is that ok if I use buttercup? SCS butter is more expensive, and for the first try, do you think I can use buttercup instead? Thanks...

  39. MnYfoodtalk: No problem. You can use any brands you prefer. I don't always use SCS for all my bakes. Sometimes I get butter from Phoon Huat, cheaper and quite good too. When SCS is on offer, 3 packs for $9+, I buy a lot. :)

  40. Hi Small Small Baker, thanks for your reply. I am from Penang. I saw the price for SCS here is about RM7++, I feel it is very expensive. I will try with buttercup first.

  41. i followed all the instuctions but my dough was super sticky. i had to use 2 spoons to scoop and drop them on the tray. And then my cookies crumbled when i touch them. so sad. i am eating the cookie crumbs with a spoon. cos they all disintegrated when i tried to put them in the container. wat did i do wrong. i am so sad. your cookies looked so lovely and cute.

  42. Sorry to hear that. Perhaps we are using different brands of flour. I'm using the Prima brand plain flour. Don't worry, you can add a bit more flour until the dough doesn't stick. I'm sure it will taste just as great. Do try it again. :)

  43. these are really super easy to make and taste superb! thanks for sharing!

  44. hi, can use corn flour instead of potato starch?


  45. mmmyen: Should be able to. But I'm not sure if it will result in the same texture. You can try. :)

  46. i'm an amateur baker. when u say 'beat' and 'mix', do u mean manually ? or do i use the electric mixer ?

  47. Mei: It depends. If I state beat until light/creamy/fluffy, it's better to use electric mixer cos it will take longer time and stronger arms if you mix manually. If I state beat until well-mixed/combined, then manual will do. For sponge cakes/chiffon cakes, I always use electric mixer. For muffins, I always beat manually. Hope it helps. :)

  48. hi,

    so your butter is soften or harden type?

  49. Hi, use butter softened at room temperature.

  50. How can it make 60 pieces when you are using that much flour? :) I'm curious.

    Also, can I swap potato starch for corn flour?

  51. Hi, do you actually use just 80gm of superfine flour or 130gm of combined flour (50g + 80g) for your baking? I'm a little confused. I did a double portion of the recipe mentioned above. Thus I used 160gm of flour, which resulted in a very soft dough but enough for me to shape it :) I would appreciate if you could clarify it. Thank you!

    1. Sorry if it's a bit confusing. There's actually 2 versions of german cookies recipes. 1 uses only 50g superfine flour and 1 uses 80g of superfine flour. I had tried out both versions, there was not much difference in the taste and texture to me. So I use the 80g version as the dough is less sticky and easier to handle. If you want to try the 50g one and find it too soft, you can use piping method too.

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  53. 你得怎样烘到这么美的啊?我的烘到一半就有裂开一点了><

  54. May I know where to buy potato starch? Jusco?