Saturday, January 22, 2011

Aspiring Bakers #3: Cashew Nut Cookies 2011 腰豆饼

Cashew Nut Cookies 2008
Cashew Nut Cookies 2009
Cashew Nut Cookies 2010
Cashew Nut Cookies 2011

I'm a boring and unadventurous person. This is my 4th year making this Cashew Nut Cookies and I'm still using the same old recipe. I shall not repeat and talk the same old stories about how I missed the days I used to bake these cookies with my mum. In fact, this year I did a mini experiment with my old recipe.

I've heard about how adding cornflour can make cookies more melt-in-the-mouth. I've also heard about how adding cornflour can make cookies more crunchy. Don't they contradict themselves? I have also received enquiries about omitting the baking powder.

So I did some experiment in 3 different batches:
Batch 1 - the original recipe with plain flour + cornflour + baking powder
Batch 2 - all plain flour + baking powder (replace cornflour with plain flour)
Batch 3 - plain flour + cornflour (omit baking powder)

The results of the experiment is unbelievable. After trying it for 3 days, 3 at a time. After letting my family try. I still don't find much difference between the 3! If you really want me to choose, I'll pick the one using the original recipe, it is slightly lighter and crunchier then the rest. But mix them all up in the same container and serve, I doubt anyone can tell the difference! Maybe I don't have a digital scale, so my experiment isn't so accurate. ;)

Click here for the original recipe.

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  1. Me too bake cashew nuts cookies every year! I like the shape of your cookies.

  2. I like my cookies to be either all crunchy or melt-in-the-mouth. Nevertheless cashew nut cookies are yummy to snack. Since I won't be making them, I wonder if you could spare some of your yummy cookies!

  3. yeah, i heard about the use of corn flour too for a more melty texture..the corn amount seems to be not much here probably that's why you cant really taste the difference..probably we can increase that to about 20% of the plainflour amount, it's just a suggestion but i have not tried this out before..who says you are not adventurous?? 3 batches in 3 days!

  4. yea i've heard abt this contradicting functions of cornflour as well, totally confused by it. I love cashew nut cookies as well! I don't really eat a lot of cny goodies (thankfully), but cashew nut cookies are the exception :) lovely cookies, good work!

  5. Small small baker, I baked cashew nut cookies again using the recipe you shared. =) It is great that you experiment with it. I'll be sticking to the original recipe too. Hehehe. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Hey, I like the shape of your cookies - very nice. For me, I havent bake cashew cookies for years.... You are making miss them!

  7. Wow, you tried so many times :) I love cookies which have corn flour added in because they seem to be melt-in-mouth. I think I have to try out this recipe because I got plenty of cashew nuts left in my fridge :)

  8. I've always liked crunchy cashew nut cookies so i'll give your original recipe a try for CNY this year :)

  9. Wen: You too? It's one of my favourites!

    busygran: These are extremely crunchy ones. Wish I can spare you some! :)

    lena: This is supposed to be crunchy cookies, not the melt-in-mouth type. I think the cornflour actually makes it crunchier! Cornflour is so wonderful!

    Jean: You like cashew nut cookies too? But not many people make it, most people go for pineapple tarts. :)

    Jet: I see that you have made these again. Addictive right?

    Yummy Koh: Thanks! It's a very old cookie cutter. I have 2 sizes. I think the larger one not so pretty, so I always use the smaller one. It's exactly the size of a cashew nut!

    Min: Yeah, it's my favourite and the shops selling ones always don't taste the same. So I must make it every year. These are very crunchy types. Try it if you like anything crunchy and nutty.

    Janine: Thanks! Hope to see yours soon.

  10. hi SSB,
    going to try this cookies this weekend
    prepared the cashew nuts already *drool* :P

  11. Jess: Thanks!!

    Alice: Hope you like these cookies. Waiting to see yours. :)