Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cashew Nut Cookies

This is the cookies that I will bake year after year. It's my favourite Cashew Nut Cookies! Besides liking the buttery, crunchy and nutty flavour, it also reminds me of the times when I used to help my mother make it every Chinese New Year.

I only intend to make 2 types of cookies this year. This one and the pineapple tarts, which will be done this weekend. :) I'm pretty satisfied with this Cashew Nut Cookies, using the same recipe as last year's. I double the recipe and use exactly one 250g packet of cashew nuts. I spent about 4 hours to finish making 264 cookies, all by myself! That's excluding the time used to split the cashew nuts, picking out the good ones and leaving the rest of the cashew nuts for grounding. Is it considered fast or slow? I only have a small oven and 3 trays to bake, baking only 40+ pieces per tray, and took 6 trays to finish everything. Not too bad. :)

I will be making the pineapple tarts this week. Haven't decided on the recipe yet. Guess it will be more challenging and more time-consuming because it will be my first time making them. Update you with my next post. :)


  1. Wow!
    Your cashew nuts certainly look tempting! Haven't started baking anything yet...may be these few days....This Chinese New Year is so near... I haven't finish all my spring cleaning yet! :(

  2. wah looks really good! u should change your name to 'pro pro baker' :D

  3. Hi SSB,
    Very pretty cashew nut cookies you made! It's like what I see that are being sold outside. For a moment, I thought you bought those! ;) Very professional. Do you sell these?

  4. Hi SSB,

    Nice cookies and look delicate too.I haven't started baking anything yet :) and I am aso trying to bake some pineapple tarts this year.

    Have fun making them this weekend.


  5. Woww...i just finished cooking my pineapple jam and i want to try this too, looks so good.

  6. Thanks MH! You haven't been posting recently leh. Hope to see your bakes soon. :)

    Haha! I'm still far from "pro". :)

    Thanks Jane! I never thought it can be good enough to sell. Will anyone buy it? :)

    Hi Elin, can't wait to see your pineapple tarts. Hope mine will turn out good. Have fun baking too!

    Hi Fanny, wow, you cook your own pineapple jam? I'm just too lazy, I will be using store-bought ones. Do try this out, it's very nice. :)

  7. SSB, you are tempting me to try bake CNY cookies myself .. but I have not finish my spring cleaning and I am going into msia for CNY (dh msian) ..

    I have never baked CNY cookies before ... 4 hrs .. I don't think i have such time, plus u ground the nuts yourself .. more work so justify lah.

    Very pretty cookies. What's the expiry date for home made cookies?

  8. Hi sherlyn, I'm tempting you again. Haha!

    Cashew nut cookies is my favourite cookies and the bought ones always don't taste good. So I must bake it myself to satisfy my cravings, no matter how time-consuming it is. Afterall, it's only once a year mah.

    The grounding is quite fast cos I'm using a blender. Last time when I used to help my mum to make these, I had to help her pound using the mortar. More tedious.

    I always bake them a little longer so that they can last longer. Can keep 1 month or even longer as long as you store it air-tight.

    You can always bake it after cny if you are too busy now. :)

  9. Awsome cookies ,.......U and saras asre making tempting me to do it......