Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pineapple Tarts

Baked these Sunny Pineapple Tarts over last weekend. Don't you think they look like little sunflowers?

It's my first time baking the pineapple tarts. As you know I have been searching for a good pineapple tarts recipe. I finally decided to use Florence's recipe. I thought baking the tarts first and adding the pineapple fillings later is a clever way of preventing the jam from becoming too hard and dry, though it takes some extra effort to change the temperature and taking the tray in and out. The dough is easy to handle but I have difficulty making really deep and clear indentations using the mold. The problem becomes worse after putting into the oven. The tarts puff up and the markings become even fader!

Although there is a bit of disappointment cos the pineapple tarts are not that nice looking, the taste didn't disappoint me. It doesn't really melt-in-the-mouth, but it is soft and crumbly when you put them in your mouth. The Bake King pineapple paste is quite good too. It is sweet but not that sweet (compared to some pineapple tarts that I tasted before). Not sour, good for me, cos I don't like sour ones. But it is a bit dry after baking.

I still have extra pineapple paste left. Shall make more pineapple tarts after the new year, trying out another new recipe, and maybe doing the wrapped types.

Wish everyone an Ox-picious Chinese New Year!