Friday, January 18, 2013

New Year New Resolution: Charity Bake Sale

It's almost 3 weeks into the brand new year! Have you done anything to achieve your new resolutions?

It's time for me to do something that has been on my mind for the longest time. I'm doing a mini charity bake sale for this CNY. It's a very last minute decision. As I can only start baking in February, I have just 1 week to bake, and just me baking & no helper, so it will be a very mini mini bake sale. :)

So, here are the 4 cookies that I will be selling. Actually, they had all (except 1) been posted in my blog before. :) But if you don't have time to make cookies this year, you can try mine. ;P

My signature Cashew Nut Cookies 
Crunchy and nutty
* Container full: $8.00

Pineapple tarts
Buttery and melt in mouth
* Container full: $8.00

German cookies 
Buttery and melt in mouth
- chocolate marble
- green tea marble
- red yeast marble (pink)
* Container full: $6.80

Very chocolate cookies
Crunchy and chocolatey
* Container full: $6.80 (~25 pcs)

Please note that this will be the container I'm using (picture in Very chocolate cookies)
Top diameter 11.5cm, Height 6.5cm

Baking schedule as follows:
2-3 Feb: Pineapple tarts
4-5 Feb: Cashew nut cookies
6-7 Feb: German cookies
Very chocolate cookies, upon request.

Confirm your orders before 25 January. Quantities will be very limited (less than 20).
All to be self collected from my place at Toh Guan Road (near IMM). No meeting up and home delivery.

For every container of cookies sold, 
I will donate $1 to "Singapore Buddhist Free Clinic" 
which provides subsidized TCM for the needy and sick elderly,
 through charity donation portal.

First time selling my homemade cookies. Please support!

** Update (22 January) **
Order closed for charity bake sale.
As I have exceeded my target of 20 containers. 
Thanks everyone for the support!!!