Sunday, January 27, 2008

CNY Cookies 2

27 January 2008

I'm back with more CNY cookies for the 2nd week. This week is the cashew nuts cookies. I used to help my mother bake these cookies many years ago. I can still remember the times we baked the cookies during the weekends before chinese new year. But ever since we shifted house, we stopped baking as we did not have oven anymore and she said she's old already and lazy to bake. Ha! Occasionally, during chinese new year, we would miss the cookies we made and buy from bakeries. But most of the time, they don't taste as good as those we used to make.

Finally, this year, I can bake on my own. My mother no longer has her old recipe with her. I have to search for a new recipe to try out. This recipe is taken from the same book as last week's one. I modify it a bit though. The good thing is I'm still using the old crescent-shaped cookie cutter. Luckily she did not throw it away. :)

I couldn't have asked for more. The recipe is great. It's quite close to our old recipe. Definitely have to keep this recipe properly this time so that I can make them every year.

Cashew Nuts Cookies
(Recipe modified from Easy Cookies (and with my mother's past experience))

Ingredients (I make 130-136 pieces)
110g butter
70g castor sugar
1 tsp pure vanilla extract
1/2 egg (about 25g)
40g grounded cashew nuts*
180g plain flour
20g cornflour
1/2 tsp baking powder

* Bake cashew nuts lightly at 150 deg C for around 10-15 minutes till fragrance is released before grinding

1 egg, separated
136 halved cashew nuts

1. Cream butter and sugar till pale and creamy.
2. Add in pure vanilla extract. Add in egg slowly, Beat until well-mixed.
3. Fold in grounded cashew nuts. Fold in sifted flours and baking powder gradually. Knead to form dough.
4. Roll the dough into 3/4 cm thickness. Cut the dough into crescent shapes (or any shape you like) and place them on the baking tray. Brush a layer of egg white on the cookies and top each cookie with one halved cashew nut. (Brushing egg white helps the cashew nut to stick to the cookie well.) Brush a layer of egg yolk on top of the cashew nuts for a nice golden brown colour.
5. Bake at 180C for about 15 minutes till light golden brown.


  1. The Cashew Nut Cookies definitely look good :) Bring back good old memories when you mention baking with your family. I remember our family do that too and we will work into late nights but I have now taken over the role cos Mum is lazy too!

  2. Thanks Elyn! Yes, I remember exactly how to make these cookies even though it has been after so many years, except for the lost secret recipe. I thought maybe it's the old memories that make the cookies taste good. :)

  3. Me too! I used to help my mum with these cashew nuts cookies. I like pressing the nuts onto each dough and then brush with egg wash :)

  4. Me too! :) I was the one in charge of pressing the nuts and brushing the egg wash, while my mother took care of the kneading and baking. :)

  5. Oh, I absolutely love cashew nut cookies! They're one of the must-haves for Hari Raya as well. Yours look really good!

  6. Thanks ovenhaven! I'm glad that it is quite a successful attempt although it's only my first try. :)

  7. Hi

    These cookies look great. Will try to bake them and will link you up in my email.

    Thanks for sharing.


  8. Hi Olivia, thanks for visiting my blog. Hope you will like these cookies too. :)

  9. Hi,
    i'm trying cashew nuts cookies for 1st time this CNY.
    Do i need to toast both the grounded & halves cashew nuts?
    Many thanks for your sharing!

  10. Hi Jessie, I don't toast the cashew nuts. My mum didn't do that so I follow her way. Share with you my way of doing the cashew nuts.

    After you buy the packet of cashew nuts, choose the nice ones and split them into halves. Some nuts don't have very nice shapes, use them and those broken ones (and those you accidentally break during halving ;P) for grinding. Do it one day before making the cookies. Hope it helps and have fun baking!

  11. Hi, I intend to try your recipe this CNY. May I know how long do you cream butter and sugar? Must mixture be creamy but not too wet? Thank you.

  12. Hi Lyn, I follow my mum's old way of doing, that is creaming using only a wooden spoon! You can just cream until the sugar has dissolved and the mixture turns slightly paler. Don't need to cream until white and fluffy like making the cakes. Hope you like this cookies!

  13. This. Looks. SO. Good. My mouth is watering. I can't wait to try this recipe! I'm definitely coming back to visit your blog, I'm always on the look out for Chinese cooking blogs! :)

  14. Thanks Yvonne! Hope you like these cookies too!

  15. Thanks small small baker for this lovely recipe, it came out very well & I have posted in my blog.

  16. Hi

    After long search i found recipe for this cashew cookies. I wanted to try this for weekend. I have some doubts to clear--
    1. does egg and butter have to be room temperature
    2. can i use electiric blender to beat egg and sugar
    3. can it be possible to give measurements in cups?

  17. Hi, thanks for visiting and trying out the recipe.

    1. The eggs have to be at room temperature. The butter just need to be soften at room temperature. Press the butter with a fingertip, if it leaves an indent, the temperature is just right. Not too hard or too soft.

    2. Yes, I use electric mixer too.

    3. Sorry I can't give the measurements in cups as I'm used to using the weighing scale and don't have the conversions.

    Hope you like this recipe. Happy baking! :)

  18. hi

    thanks for your early reply, infact i tried it today itself, can;t wait till weekend. i used exact your recipe, my dough was bit very soft i have to used extra flour to make dough stiff. Why this happened? and my cookie didn't give great colour though taste good. Is any chance u know what the reason

  19. Could it be the size of the egg you used? I use small egg, about 50g. So 1/2 egg is about 25g. You can bake it a little longer to give the cookies a nice golden brown colour, or increase the temp a bit if it takes longer time to brown. Cos our oven are all different. My oven has hot spots. So I will turn the tray halfway through baking for evening browning. Hope it helps! :)

  20. Hi

    Nice cookie recipe. Can I know wjere to keep the cookies in the oven, is it middle, below or top?

    I wnated to prepare this cookies for some parties around 100 numbers. Can I keep all the cookies in all the rows in oven


  21. Hi Jo,

    I usually put them on the top or 2nd upper rack of the oven.

    You mean bake them altogether on the same level? Yes, you can. If you want to bake at different levels at the same time, you can interchange the levels and rotate the trays for even baking.

    Hope it helps. Happy baking!

  22. hi, i like your blog. I tried the cashews cokies today. It turne dout good but i did not get 136 cookies! I got only about 60. I used a crescent cookie cutter. Could it be you double the recipe to get 136 cookies? But thanks for this recipe as it was nice.

  23. Hi, I didn't double. If I double I will get 200+ cookies. Maybe it's the size of the cookie cutters. Mine is a very small crescent cutter. It is almost the same size as a cashew nut. Could be also the thickness of the cookie. I get different numbers for different batches, but always can make 100+ pieces.

    Glad to know u like this recipe. :)

  24. is it salted or unsalted butter?

  25. Hi.

    Thanks for sharing your recipe. I am going to try it this weekend :-)

    Need some help though. Here are my questions :
    1. Can I use the hand mixer to cream the butter and sugar ?
    2. How do I add the vanilla extract, half an egg and grounded cashew nuts ? By using a wooden spoon to fold them in or can I use the hand mixer to do that ?
    3. Similarly, for the sifted flour and baking power, do I use the hand mixer or do I use the wooden spoon ?
    4. Do I also brush the underside of the cookies with eff white or just the top ?
    5. For the cashew nuts that are used to top the cookie, do they have to be pre-baked or can they be raw ?

    I am an amateur & rare baker, hence my questions. Hope you will oblige :-) Thanks so much in advance !


  26. Hi Agnes,

    1. Yes, you can use hand mixer to cream the butter and sugar.
    2. You can continue to use mixer when you add in vanilla extract, egg and grounded cashew nuts.
    3. And I usually use spoon to fold in the flour (for any kind of bakes including cake and cookies). And towards the end when the mixture becomes dough-like, you can bring it onto table top and knead with hands.
    4. Brush the top of the cookies with egg white, this is for the cashew nut to stick firmly onto the cookie.
    5. I do not bake cashew nuts for topping. Use raw ones.

    Hope my answers help. Let me know the outcome and hope you like these cookies! :)

  27. I made half the recipe and got 50+ cookies. I was unable to find a crescent-shaped cutter, so subbed with a small watermelon slice cutter. Turned out well. I suppose could sub with a small heart shape but cut it into half. Thanks for a great recipe!

  28. Chris: Glad that you like this recipe. I like to make my cookies small. I think it makes the cookie prettier and more fragance in each bite. :)

  29. Hi SSB,

    Thanks for sharing your recipe.

    I want to bake this cookies as a bonding time with my girl :).
    Btw, can I use self-raising flour instead of plain flour + baking powder?

    Thanks :)

    1. Yes, you can. I think shouldn't be a problem. Happy baking! :)

  30. hey.. i really want to try your recipe.. there's a few thing i wanna ask..

    1. should i preheat the oven before i bake the cookies?

    thx before.. =)

    1. Hi! Yes, you need to preheat the oven before you start baking anything.

  31. hi thx for d recipe :) can i frodge d leftover dough o freeze it??thx :)

    1. I have never freeze the dough before. You may try. Just thaw it thoroughly before rolling again.

  32. Looks great! I can't wait to try baking these ;)

  33. Hi SSB, Please advice if egg is measure with or without shell. I assume it has to be beaten before use?

    1. Egg is without shell. Just beat it slightly will do.

  34. Hi,

    is it necessary to use cookie cutter? Will the dough be too soft? Should I use metal or plastic cookie cutter?


    1. The dough is not soft enough for piping. It is more suitable for cookie cutters. You can use any types of cookie cutters, both metal and plastic.

  35. Hi,

    Can I ask if you use those roasted peanuts that can be bought off the rack from supermarket or you use those unprocessed cashew nuts?

  36. I think this is a stupid question.. may I know where do you get your cashew nuts?