Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy 2008!

1 January 2008

Here comes the first post of the year 2008. I got 2 sets of new disney cookie cutters on Christmas and today is the best day to try it out.

Got the recipe from Happy Homebaker. And it was indeed not an easy task to make the cookies. For me, I was able to cut out and stamp the face quite easily without sticking. But I had problem lifting the cookies up to place them on the baking tray, especially for Tigger. Most of the time, I either broke them or they would become out of shape. I found that the cookies couldn't be too thin as they would break even more easily.

After some effort, this was the result. I realized that I should have pressed the face harder as the facial expressions were not very clear and deep. I also noticed that my cookies look cracked, as compared to Happy Homebaker's. I wonder why is it so? Nevertheless, I thought they all look very cute and taste very buttery and crunchy as I added extra cornflour.

With extra egg white left, I use it to make almond crisps. Remember the last time I failed? No problem of sticking for this time as I have used the Glad baking paper. I prefer these to almond tuiles as they do not lose crispiness easily.

Wow, these 2 cookies seem to make excellent Chinese New Year cookies. That will be my plan for CNY. :)

Happy New Year to everyone!


  1. Hi, my cutters set came with pooh and piglet, no tigger! ok, if I am not wrong, maybe the cookies crack a little coz u get in extra corn flour?? I was struggling with the cookie cutters too when I first tried it! but I am sure, you will get the hang of it on your second attempt. The minnie cutter is the easiest to use! The piglet cutter was also a nightmare!! I will make these cookies for CNY too :)

  2. Oh, I added the extra cornflour cos I ran out of cake flour and realized it only when I started weighing the ingredients. That's why. :P I will try the Mickey & Minnie set also. Heard that Mickey is tricky to make too.

  3. I agree with Happy Homebaker!
    I almost never succeeded with cutting the piglet cookies!
    I love this recipe, so simple yet so delicious :D

  4. Hi, I bought the minnie and mickey cutters also after looking at happy homebaker's blog. I decided to try out the cookies... So excited about it... I hope mine will look as nice as yours and happy homebaker.

  5. Hi Kaitlyn, do try it. It is very nice and fun to make. I'm sure u will like it. I'm not quite satisfied with my first try. Will try my mickey cutters soon :)

  6. Hihi

    I am interested to get these cutters, may I noe where can i get it?

    Thanx in advance!!


  7. Hi Saori,

    I got it as a gift, not so sure where u can buy it. Are u from Singapore? I check the yahoo auction and found some people selling these cutters. Maybe u can buy from there. Have fun! :)

  8. Hi small small baker..

    Thanx beri much!!! I got it from the auction and I shall try my hand on these cute treats!! Loves yr blog...=D


  9. Thanks Saori! Glad u got the cutters. Have fun with the cookie making and hope to see u posting your bakes one day. :)