Friday, July 27, 2007

Sesame Crumbs??

22 July 2007

I have actually attempted Almond Crisps from e's joie too. I was surfing from blogs to blogs and discover this simple recipe that requires only 1 egg white, 30g fine sugar, 20g self-raising flour. The process of making is really easy, but I have a big problem... I can’t remove the cookies cos they are stuck to the baking pan. When I use baking paper, they are also stuck to the baking paper. In the end, have to scrap them out in tiny pieces and those that stick to the paper are of course wasted. The taste is really good. I substituted almond flakes with white sesame. But too bad, they look more like "crumbs" rather than "crisps" that I can't take any photos. Should call them the "Sesame Crumbs". :p