Sunday, July 22, 2007

Milo Muffins

22 July 2007

Tried another recipe from Happy Homebaker again. The Milo Double Chocolate Chip Muffins without the chocolate chips.

Something new for me again. It's the first time I'm baking muffins and the first time I'm doing rub-in method. Mine did not taste as good as what I expected. I have actually expected it to taste full of Milo, but it didn't. The looks also haha... dunno why, like rise a bit high. The texture is soft but not moist. I guess omitting the chocolate chips does affect the taste too. So must go and buy chocolate chips next time. Might increase the Milo a bit too. I like a stronger Milo taste. Could be because I'm using a lousy weighing scale?! Many times I just estimate only, haha...


  1. hi, you could have added too much batter in one paper case...that could be the reason why the muffins rised so high up. I usually fill the paper case till till 3/4 full. Did you double the portion? as mine could only yield 9 muffins...maybe mine muffin cases are bigger?

  2. Oh... maybe I fill too much. I didn't double the portion. Use exactly the same as yours. My muffins about 5cm in diameter. I yielded 17 muffins. Could be baking powder? Why need to put when we already using self-raising flour?

  3. The muffin cases I used are almost 6cm in diameter. Me too, I'm not sure why there's a need to use baking powder?...I double checked the recipe, it's correct leh?

  4. Maybe i put too much baking powder :p. If yours is ok then recipe should be correct. :)