Friday, June 07, 2013

Curry leaf plant from cutting

I took 1 year to grow a curry leaf plant!

Although I didn't record the date exactly, I remembered it was the day when I took some curry leaves from our neighbour downstairs to cook this cereal prawn/tofu. I took 1 extra cutting and just poked it into the soil and left it to grow.

For months almost the whole year, the curry leaf wasn't growing at all. While it still looked green, the leaves were always droopy. It didn't die either.

Then one day, my mum suddenly told me that she saw baby curry leaves coming out! I quickly took a photo (below). The day was 16 Jan 2013. It was a year later. :) The long stalk on the right is the old cutting. And the tiny leaves are the new leaves.

6 Feb 2013. You can see more clearly here the old brown steam and the new green stem. We cut away the old stalk of leaves already. The curry leaves were growing fast!

4 Mar 2013. More curry leaves!

17 Mar 2013. And more!

4 Apr 2013. It stopped growing a little while. I was getting abit worried. But new leaves were spotted again.

5 May 2013. Here's another photo taken to see how tall the plant is now.

I hope it will continue to grow into a little tree. Now I don't need to go to our neighbour to get curry leaves. Just cut some at our corridor.

Sometimes, you really need lots of patience to see the results. Not just for gardening.