Thursday, June 20, 2013

Happy Baked Mini Donuts

This is a happy post!

I bought a mini donut tray recently and it fits perfectly into my small oven. So happy!

I love the real fried donuts, but I don't like to do deep frying. Although baked donuts can never taste the same as fried donuts, I'm happy to make them cos I can have a chance to decorate them and make children happy!

These are my first batch of baked donuts. I use a pancake recipe. It is soft at first but become hard when cooled down.

Make some chocolate and a few sugar ones.

For the next batch, I make chocolate donuts, all coated with more chocolate and rainbow sprinkles. This time it is very nice and fluffy.

Made for hours and gone in seconds!

A lot of people ask me and look for the best baked donuts recipe. I did google for recipes too. After looking at a few, I find that the recipes more or less similar to making cakes. So just use the best cake recipe that you have. Afterall, baked donuts are simply cakes baked with a donut shape.

I use one of my favourite Nigella's Chocolate Chocolate-Chip Muffins recipe. Just need to stir and mix. Easy to do and less washing. I omit the chocolate chips and reduce some sugar because the donuts are going to be coated with chocolate later.

So just use any cake recipes you like and you will get the perfect baked donuts!