Friday, February 05, 2010

Golden Pillow Pineapple Tarts

I believe that most people love pineapple tarts. I'm one exceptional case. I don't eat pineapple tarts and even when I walk past bakeries and they try to offer me one, I reject. That is to say, I have actually no idea of what a good pineapple tart taste like and what a bad pineapple tart taste like too!

However I still try baking some last year and this year because people around me loves it. I didn't find time to search for a new recipe so I stick to the old one I used last year. I added in a teaspoon of pure vanilla extract. Trust me, I have made 3 batches and they all turn out really good (if you take the words from one who doesn't eat pineapple tarts at all, hehe). It's a fail-proof recipe.

Golden Pillow Pineapple Tarts

Ingredients (*Pastry only)
220g unsalted butter, at room temperature
1 tsp pure vanilla extract
2 egg yolks
375g plain flour
2 tbsp corn flour
1/4 tsp salt
50g icing sugar
1 egg yolk, for egg wash
**500g pineapple paste, roll into little balls in advance

1. Sieve plain flour, corn flour, salt and icing sugar into a medium bowl.
2. Beat butter in a mixer until it turns light in color and fluffy. Add in pure vanilla extract, mix well.
3. Add in egg yolks slowly until well combined.
4. Slowly beat in the flour mixture until just combined. Use your hand to knead it for a few minutes until the dough comes together. Do not over-knead it.
5. Roll the dough into small rounds. Flatten the rounds and use it to cover the prepared filling. Brush the unbaked rolls with egg wash.
6. Bake in a preheated oven at 180 deg C for 10 to 15 minutes or till golden brown.

** I use another brand of pineapple paste this year from Lee Bee Enterprise Co (Blk 507 Jurong West St 52 #01-152). Compared to last year's Bake King pineapple paste, Lee Bee's one is more sourish. I would say it's just as good. Just a matter of preference whether you like sweet or sour ones.

Recipe adapted from: Fresh from the Oven (*refer here for pineapple filling recipes too)

You know what, I sold 1 of my batches to my friend. I'm quite surprised that she is willing to order some from me even though she has not tasted my pineapple tarts before. I hope she and her family likes it.


  1. The tarts look good! And great to see you back in action :)

  2. Pineapple tart is my fav Urs look very delicous!!

    I have a suggestion for you. U may try to apply the egg wash after baking of a few mins (when the shell looks cooked). Take out the tarts from oven, apply egg wash then return to oven to bake again. It's more troublesome but I find the tarts look nicer this way.

  3. Your pineapple roll look really melt-in-mouth, well done.

  4. Hi Elyn, none look as good as yours, I always think that your bakes are the best among us. :)

    Hi Angel, oh yes, you point out my problem. I also think that my egg wash look awkward. I always wonder why. So applying egg wash after baking for a few mins is the solution? Did you use pure egg yolks or need to add some water to the yolks?

    Thanks Sonia! I love your cny bakes too. I hope I can try the nastar next year. :)

  5. can't miss this for CNY. It looks great! I'm sure it's all crumbly and melt in the mouth, looking at these pictures. I'm craving for some now..

  6. Hi SSB,
    So nice to see you blog again. The pineapple tart looks good! I think you will fall in love with it soon. I love pineapple tart very much!

  7. Wow... SSB welcome back in action... Love your lovly pineapple pillow... esp the moist and generous amt of filling.. yum yum.... :p

    Keep more CNY bakes coming up :)

  8. ssb, dun get me wrong, I think ur tarts look good. I am just sharing some tips which I had experiment. I usually added a few drops if water to the egg yolks. Happy baking!

  9. Hi SSB, your pineapple tarts look so good!! I hope I am able to find time to try make these pillow shape tarts :)

  10. Hi Tracie, the pastry is really nice and melt in the mouth. I almost crumble it when I try to break them into half for photo-taking.

    Hi Grace, I think I'm slowing accepting these little cookies, perhaps I should start test-tasting all the samples from the bakery shops and see how they taste. ;P

    Hi Ellena, thanks! I can't bear to leave my oven alone. Will bake some more cookies next week. :)

    Hi Angel, nono, I'm really glad you share with me the precious tip. I will bear that in mind. Thanks! :)

    Hi HHB, I'm so looking forward to your cny cookies posts.

  11. Hi there, thanks for stopping by my site earlier. Nice to meet you! You've such a lovely blog. I'll try to check out the rest after this. I just made some pineapple tarts too. I think we all love it sooo much. Aren't we?

  12. You are right to say alot of people love pineapple tarts. A pity, I still hv not completed my spring cleaning. Anyway, I am always not in SG for CNY since my dh is malaysian. So I guess I still have the excuse to bake when I come back. I bake the CNY peanut cookie last yr in mid of the year. Haha.

    Your pillows look so good and I think the cross section of the tart gives a good view of the melt in the mouth texture.

  13. hehe my fave is the closed tarts type like the ones you made. Looks good! next year you can take orders liao hehe

  14. Hi Kristy, I'm glad I've found your blog too. Just saw your pineapple tarts. So fun to see that everyone is making it. :)

    Hi sherlyn, I would rather be baking than cleaning the house. :) Actually Malaysia also can buy very good cny cookies. If you know where to buy, must tell me. :)

    Hi wiffy, my open tarts last year taste like rocks. The filling turned out hard and dry so I prefer to wrap it. :) I wonder if it's good enough to sell. Not getting any feedback yet. Oops! :)

  15. Hi!
    Your tarts looks so pretty! :) I'm one of those who doesn't really eat cookies, but I bake for my family... Too bad, I'm not making any CNY cookies this year....cos' I haven't really finished my spring cleaning!! :(

    Anyway, wishing you a prosperous and happy TIGER year! :)

  16. I'm fed with all the good pineapple cookies/tart across the web!

  17. beautiful pineapple tarts you have! I made round shape ones this year and find it a bit small. Yours looks so luscious with the generous fillings and melt in your mouth crust :)

  18. Hi MH, thanks! Haven't seen you blog for quite a while. You must be really busy. I also bake for family and own consumption only. These little cookies are really time-consuming to make. Happy HU Year too! :)

    Hi tigerfish, I notice that too. I see new post on pineapple tarts everyday from my blog list!!

    Thanks Aimei! I'm too lazy to make small ones, I would take many hours to finish that as I'm making all of them by myself. :)

  19. happy CNY! I just made 6 batches of the same pineapple tarts for friends and family. no $$$ though. I hope your friend like the pineapple tarts!:)

  20. hello!! i chance upon your blog while i was finding the recipe for pineapple tarts, i've baked them and my family really love it!! thanks a lot for sharing! :)

  21. Hi Mandy, thanks for your wonderful recipe. My family like them very much too! Happy Tiger Year!

    Hi huiyu, glad to hear that you like it. Happy Tiger Year to you too!

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  23. Hari Raya is coming and being in the States, I can't find the tart presser so this is a great alternative! Thanks for the recipe. And great to find anoter Singaporean food blogger!

  24. Hi Za, great to find your blog too! I prefer closed pineapple tarts cos the fillings remain very moist. Hope to see your tarts during Hari Raya!

  25. hi,
    chance upon your blog, yr pineapple tarts look great! I'm searching for recipe to make my own pineapple tarts for the coming CNY. Need some advice from you.
    Can i use this recipe to make open tart?
    For the butter, i heard lurpak canned butter is very good, can i use that? or i should buy those block butter?

    Thanks for your time.

  26. Hi Joey, thanks for visiting my blog. I'm not sure if this is suitable for open tarts cos this is the more soft and crumbly type that may not hold its shape well for open tarts. But you can try. Maybe you can chill the dough first before cutting with mould so that it is easier to handle the dough.

    As for butter, I have never used lurpak before, only use SCS. I heard golden churn is very good too. You can try it.

    Sorry have not help much, hope you can share with me after you have tried out the recipe. Thanks!!

  27. Hi ssb, I had used your pineapple tart recipe n I personally like the taste. But it's a bit hard, is it because I had baked extra 10mins more? Also my inlaws says that fillings are hard too. I used bake king brand for filling. Could u advice me?

  28. Hi Sherry, why did you bake the extra 10 minutes? Could be because you have overbake the tarts. Also after adding the flour, do not overknead the dough. As long as the dough has come together and does not stick to your hands and table, you can stop kneading. This will help avoid the tart pastry turning tough.

    As for the filling, I use Bake King brand before too. Roll the jam into small balls with a pair of wet hands. then place them on a tray filled with a small amount of water. This will prevent the jam from drying up and turn hard.

    Hope it helps! :)

  29. Hi, can i check for ur pastry i believe u use a small portion at a time when rolling the dough . Do we have to chill dough in the fridge for few minutes to prevent ooze oil? It is necessary to do that?

  30. Hi, I did not chill the dough as it is quite easy to handle. Not sticky and will not ooze oil.

  31. hi SSB (: can you teach me what to do to prevent the roll from cracking? i lowered the temp to 160 degrees but it still crack ):
    THANK YOU (: (:

  32. Hi Jasmine, I'm not sure why yours crack. Perhaps we are using different recipes.

    For me, in the last step of adding the flour, just mix until everything is combined. Don't overhandle the dough. After I wrap in the filling, I will try to compress the dough a little while rolling them round, so that the pastry is "tighter". Dunno if this will help. I hope you understand what I mean. :)

  33. yes, i tried your recipe (: i wanted to compress but i was so afraid it'll just crumble. hahah. thank you! i;ll take note and try it out again (: (:

  34. Hi

    Found your blog while searching for pineapple tarts recipe. Your pineapple tarts looks really nice.

    I would like to know how many tarts can I make from this recipe?


  35. Hi, I made about 50 pcs, using 500g of pineapple paste.

  36. Hi SSB,
    I just finished baking one batch following your recipe. I wanted to try out this recipe cos I can't enjoy the pineapple tarts which I order from your bake sale, hehe, my family members will have 口福 though. :p

    Just wanna say a BIG thank you! The dough is very easy, very pliable and forgiving, and the pineapple tarts really melt in the mouth! I didnt shape like pillows though, I rolled them into balls so they are completely closed.

    You didnt state whether to bake them in the upper or middle tray of the oven, so I baked them first in the middle tray, but they took too long, about 20-25 min before becoming golden-brown, so for the 2nd batch I shifted them to the upper tray, and they took 15 min @ 180C. So I should bake them in the upper tray in future. :)

    1. Yes, I really like this recipe! I just finished with the tarts today, hope your family likes it. Next time, you can bake some for them when you are back. Homemade ones always the best!

    2. My version based on your recipe :)