Saturday, July 04, 2009

If you can't upload your photos, try this...

Image has been uploaded, but nothing appears on the compose window.

Temporary solution: Upload the photos manually

1. Upload your photos as usual (make sure you choose the size that you want).

2. When the picture is uploaded, DO NOT click done. Instead, right click on the pic, left click on properties & copy the URL (add) there. Do not close the uploaded image window. Just minimise it.

3. On your edit post window, in edit HTML format, input the following:

(can't type this. see comments below)

where URL is the URL (add) that you have copied. Close the uploaded pic window before you click publish. Once you click publish, you shall be able to see your photos.

It's a bit troublesome. But that's all we can do while waiting for Blogger to resolve the problem.


  1. On your edit post window, in edit HTML format, input the following:

    < img src='URL'/>
    (leave the first space out)

  2. Hi Small Small Baker,

    Thanks you so much for this great information. Although I don't really understand but going to give it a try. :)

  3. Hi SSB, thanks so much for putting up this post, I faced the same problem. Thanks for sharing the solution :)

  4. Hi Happy flour and HHB,

    I found this solution from the forum and find that many people are facing the same problem too. Might as well post it here to save the time from searching the forum again.

    Happy flour, hope you will be able to do it. I can't post the code without the space, so have to add the extra space after the first bracket. Just leave out the space will do.

  5. Hi Small Small Baker,

    Thanks you a lot.:) Now I can post my photos. This method is much easier for me then using Photobucket or flickr.

  6. Hi SmallSmallBaker, I have passed you the 'Kreative Award'. Do check my blog to see what it's all about. Thanks for the great recipes you've shared.

  7. Thanks Tracie! I'm so honoured to receive this award. Will blog about it soon! :)