Monday, May 16, 2011

Do your backup: Part 2

This is Part 2 of Do your backup: A day after Blogger is down.

I feel a need to post more information about backing up our blog. The first part of Do your backup can only save your posts, pages and comments.

Backing up your blog template

The design of your blog (that is, the layout) is not saved. So you need to backup your blog template as well, especially if you are using some templates not from Blogger or have made changes to the default template.

This is the way you save your blog template. It takes less than a minute to do.

1) From your Dashboard, click "Design".

2) Click "Edit HMTL".

3) You will see a page like this (see below). Click "Download Full Template". Your blog template will be saved as a .xml file in your hard drive. And you are done!

3) To load back your saved template, just click "Choose File", select the .xml file from your hard drive (please don't mix this up with the .xml file for blog posts backup), click "Upload", everything will be back to the point of time you have saved it. (Please don't anyhow play with uploading templates, cos it will cause your gadgets to be gone and cannot be restored.)

If you are happy with everything that you have done, thinking that the backing up process is completed. WRONG!

There are still the GADGETS, which appear on your top/side/bottom bars, which I guess all of you have added to your blog. These gadgets are not saved after saving your posts and template. Sadly, the gadgets cannot be restored automatically.

I will share with you my way of saving them in my next post. Need some time to write.

Lastly, I'm not an expert in computer. I actually quite bad at this. All these are based on reading the Help section of Blogger.

If you have better ways of backing up a blog, please share with us, cos I'm not very good at this.


  1. This is really useful... thks for sharing the tips ^_^

  2. Thanks SSB for the reminder! I've also just done my backup. I saw on FB about some bloggers' post on the downtime of blogspot.

  3. Thank you SSB. I have also put up a short post and put a link to your blog so that I will remember. :)

  4. Thanks SSB. This is so informative for me who are so lousy with blogging.

  5. Thanks for sharing another piece of great information.

    You are much better than me in computer. Tell you the truth till now I dare not change my template as I once change it and I lose everything. Lucky my hubby help me to retrieve everything except the gadgets. I really envy my friends and fans which has such a nice details on their blog. Keep up the good work. I have a lot to learn from you.

  6. Happy Flour: I'm not any better. I just take some time to read up the forum for help. Now it's easier to change template, I think the gadgets will be saved. But I always backup my gadgets before I do anything in case anything is lost. :)