Monday, May 02, 2011

Some thoughts about Aspiring Bakers and a Durian Layered Cake

Some thoughts about Aspiring Bakers

So fast, we have already hosted Aspiring Bakers 6 times! Check out the wonderful roundups here.

From our favourite chiffon cakes and fruit and cheese themes to special occasions like Christmas, CNY and Valentine's, we have received so many wonderful entries from all the food bloggers. The Fruity March theme was the most popular with 185 entries! Thanks to all the hosts for the hard work. Thanks to everyone who has contributed, I have discovered many new blogs through this event. Those who have not participated yet, please join us from now on!

As the creator of this event, my job is to liaise with the hosts each month, such as coming up with new themes, giving them some reminders of our rules and clarifying any doubts. Although I know the new themes firsthand, I never know how many entries are submitted. So on the first day of each month, I'm always anxious to see the roundups. :)

I'm very serious about this Aspiring Bakers event and very strict too, some hosts might know. :) After every roundup, I check through each and every entry submitted. Make sure that they abide by the rules (must state submitted to Aspiring Bakers) and the links are correct. I count the total number entries, many times. I key them into an Excel spreadsheet to count the number of entries submitted by everyone. And then update them on Aspiring Bakers Family page. This usually takes a few days. The reason is I want to see who is actively participating and who participate continuously without breaks in between. I'm thinking of some rewards to them in future. :)

As for the future themes, they will be decided by our hosts. But I have a whole list of themes that I wish we can do. Do visit my Facebook page to vote and suggest new themes. Those who want to host the event, you can email to: It will be from November 2011 onwards.

A Durian Layered Cake

This I don't really feel like posting. But for the record of my baking experience. Here it is. I really wanted to practise making layered cakes, so this is my second after my birthday cake. A vanilla sponge cake that uses whole egg method. I always have problem folding the flour in. Texture-wise, I still prefer separated egg method.

Cake is poorly frosted. Should have whipped the cream a little longer and chill it longer before cutting. But I just can't wait to cut, take photos, and eat! I will surely make it again. When the durians get cheaper. :)