Saturday, April 26, 2008

Yogurt Bread

25 April 2008

Notice a little change in my photo? I use both the flickr editing tool and this website that Happy Homebaker has shared in her blog. It can make very ordinary photos like mine to look better.

I tried this Yogurt Bread from Pure Enjoyment using the bread machine. This bread taste a little different from other sweet breads. I can taste the yogurt on the first bite, a bit sourish and not quite used to it. But after several bites, I start to like it. It's quite soft and fluffy in the centre.

One thing about baking breads in a bread machine is that the crust is really thick and hard. So if you are not lazy like me, better take it out and shape and bake in another tin, I suppose the result will be better and softer.


  1. Agreed! Bread baking using breadmaker is a bit "waste" of flour: thick crust (have to remove them) and more on the dry side :( Yes, bake in the oven!

  2. New layout of ur photos..nice..
    I guess a bread machine saves a lot of time but it sure takes the fun out of bread making. Haha I prefers to knead manually...(",)

  3. Hi myhomekitchen, tell u what, I eat the thick crust too, sometimes it actually tastes quite nice. Haha. But yes, baking in oven is definitely better cos it's fun to shape the bread and add nice fillings. :)

    Hi elinluv, thanks. Kneading by hand requires too much arm power. Lazy me will prefer the machine to do the work for me. Haha. I shall read more about shaping breads then attempt to make more variety of breads. :)

  4. hello ssb, very nice pictures, but not savvy enough so have to ask u which feature you used to make that photo.

    I use breadmaker to knead and proof then I would shape and bake. I don't like the thick thick crust ...

  5. Hi Yuri, it's this website using the "Mosaic Maker". Then I add the words using the edit picture in flickr.

    Yes, think most people will prefer to shape and bake outside the breadmachine. I really like to do so when I have the time and skill. Haha.. :)

  6. thanks ssb for the tip to use bighugelabs! I tried it last night, wonderful!

  7. Yes, the website is really great right! Still got lots of features to explore. :)