Monday, April 28, 2008

Easy Peach Cheesecake

27 April 2008

Have been looking for an easy cheesecake recipe recently. Something that is simple to make and using ingredients that I have on hand and also do not need to add gelatine. I was searching using google and found this website that has a collection of cheesecake recipes. At first, I was skeptical about using recipes from website like this, which do not have personal reviews about the taste. But I'm glad that I have tried!

I chose the Mango Cheesecake, replacing mango with canned peach slices and peach flavoured yogurt. This recipe is extremely easy to make. It took like only about 1.5 hours to finish everything. I didn't even use an electric mixer, just mix everything by hand only.

However, it was kind of disastrous when I tried to take the cake out of the tin after chilling in the refrigerator. As I did not have any springform cake tin, I just used an ordinary cake tin. Worst of all, I did not use any aluminium foil to line the tin. As a result, I ruined the whole cake when trying to remove it from the cake tin. I just managed to salvage this one and only piece that look okay for me to take photographs. The rest I can only described as 惨不忍睹. The whole cake has been broken into several pieces. :(

Supposed to fold half of the peaches into the cream cheese mixture and leave the remaining for topping. I accidentally added everything into the cream cheese and resulted in lots of peaches in the cream cheese layer. Looks good yah... ;) It is very very delicious with the extra peaches. Yummy! :)

Easy Peach Cheesecake (I halved the recipe for 6 inch round tin)
(Recipe from My Cheesecake Recipes, slightly modified)

60g digestive biscuits
30g butter, melted

125g cream cheese, softened
30g caster sugar
1 egg
200g canned peach slices (leave some for topping, but I accidentally added all into cream cheese!)
100g peach yogurt

1. Crush biscuits in a food processor or with the end of a rolling pin.
2. Add melted butter and stir well to combine.
3. Press into the base of a 6 inch springform cake tin. Refrigerate until set (I chill for 30 minutes).

1. Beat cream cheese and sugar until smooth.
2. Add egg and mix well.
3. Chop half of the peaches into small pieces and fold into cream cheese mixture together with the yogurt.
4. Pour into chilled base and bake at 180C for 25-30 minutes or until firm. Allow to cool in oven with door slightly ajar. Refrigerate when completely cool.
5. Top with peach slices and serve.