Sunday, April 05, 2009

Creamy Braided Bread

Gosh! When was the last time I baked a bread? It was so long ago that I felt a bit guilty of under-using my bread machine. That's the first reason. Second reason, the pack of bread flour is expiring soon. Third and most important, I'm so addicted to Grace Kitchen Corner's blog these days. I admit that I have been reading this blog for quite long but got addicted to it only recently, hehe! I'm so impressed by her breads and chiffon cakes especially as they look professionally good! Have been reading through her previous posts and found more reasons to bake some fresh breads. ;)

So here's the Creamy Braided Bread. This bread dough is extremely easy to handle. No sticking to my hands at all and very easy to plait them. But I'm not sure if it's the high fat content in the whipping cream or due to the hot weather that cause the dough to be a bit greasy. It was like "sweating with oil" during proofing!

But I hope it does not stop you from baking this. It's really soft and buttery and taste wonderful. The crumble topping is excellent, except a little sweet for me. I also have extra crumble topping left as I'm only able to use up half to cover up the bread. I will reduce the crumble topping ingredients if I try it next time.


  1. I agree Kitchen's Corner's recipes esp bread is so tempting. Right Now I'm proofing a milky wholemeal bread, recipe from her blog! :)

  2. Hi SSB, the bread looks beautiful and soft. I planned to make bread too, maybe i will try this

  3. Beautiful bread you've got there! I love the crumble too! I also have extra crumble everytime I make this bread. You could use the crumble to top on any muffins before sending your muffins into the oven. That's very yummy! Yes, as the dough content high in fat that cause it a bit greasy but don't worry as that make the bread super soft and yummy! Thanks for your support!

  4. Looks really cute braided like this. Love the crumble toppings on top too =D

  5. Hi Aimei, yes I'm going to try her other recipes too. :)

    Hi Fanny, hope to see your homemade bread soon. :)

    Hi Grace, thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe! Hey, I'm trying out your other bread recipes. All look so tempting. :)

    Hi wiffy, thanks too!