Friday, April 10, 2009

Cookies & Cream Ice Cream

This Cookies & Cream Ice Cream has been tempting me for too long! I keep reminding everyone in the house not to touch that packet of oreo cookies cos I'm going to use it to make something delicous. Haha!

This ice cream is absolutely delicious! Instead of using milk, dairy cream is added to make it more rich and creamy. We finish it within 3 days! This recipe is taken from an ice-cream making book in Chinese called 冷冻甜品. Do take a look at the bookstore. I have tried the Toblerone Ice Cream which tastes great too! For this Cookies & Cream Ice Cream recipe, you can find it here.

* If you find the cream taste is too heavy (my mum finds its 奶油味太重), I suggest using half cream and half milk, or replacing all the cream with milk. The book suggests substituting every 150g dairy whipping cream with 100g fresh milk.