Thursday, February 26, 2009

I saw a rainbow

Nevermind, this is not related to baking. I just can't help posting this photo up. It was taken yesterday evening when I saw the beautiful rainbow at around 6.30pm. My place has a very good geographical location. :) I saw rainbows outside the corridor several times. So whenever there is rain and sunshine, I will tell my nephew to look out for the rainbow. :)

This rainbow lasted unusually long. In fact, there was a second rainbow beside it, which is fainter. I think it's the reflection of the first rainbow (if I'm not wrong) and its colours are opposite of the first one. It was still up there after 7pm and disappeared only when the sun set. And I believe it could be seen at many parts of Singapore.

I took this rare opportunity to take a picture of my mother's newly grown roselle plant. I hope they can grow up successfully.


  1. wow...ur place really have a good view of the rainbow! yesterday evening rain so heavily, after the rain stopped, i was still wondering any rainbow will appear :)

  2. Hi SSB,
    That's really nice pictures. I like to see rainbow but it's been long long time I've not seen rainbow. You believe that you had a wonderful evening.

  3. Finally...another post hehee. Wish you well SSB. You have such great view from your corridor.

  4. actually ur's is a double rainbow!!!

    There's a very lighter in colour one above the actual one! So lucky!

  5. i saw the rainbow too!!! its very beautiful rite? :o)

  6. Hi!

    You're so lucky to have such beautiful view of a big rainbow! :) And your mum's roselle plant will definitely grow under her green finger (I saw a tiny flower already)! :D

  7. Yes, it's a double rainbow! Very beautiful! I can actually see more than 3/4 of the rainbow from my corridor. But I could only capture 1/2 of the rainbow with my camera. I dare not try to stretch my arms out and expose my camera under the rain. :)

    MH, out of so many seeds that she has planted. Only 2 has grown. One grows fast than the other. The one that grows faster did not have flowers and it's turning yellowish. The one that grows slower actually have flowers! Isn't that teaching us something about life?

    Fanny, hope to start baking soon. Have been too lazy!

  8. Hi

    My first visit here. Very nice pictures, good shoot. I always want to take a picture of rainbow but not yet get a chance. Thanks for sharing

  9. Thanks chumpman! Hope you can see a rainbow soon!