Sunday, March 01, 2009

Banana Cake

Time to start baking! I bake this Banana Cake using HHB's recipe. Have to leave out the wholemeal flour and use plain flour instead cos I don't have that at home. The cake somehow looks quite different from hers. My cake splits and "explodes" at the top and doesn't remain flat and nice like hers!

I like this recipe as it uses very little sugar and the butter is not too much. As a result, the banana cake is not overly sweet and oily. I like the top crust which is slightly crunchy and sugary with the extra sugar sprinkled on top. The cake inside remains soft. The banana taste strangely isn't that strong. Maybe I use the wrong type of bananas or the bananas are not ripe enough?

I bake this cake in this newly-bought mini loaf pan from Daiso. Daiso is a heaven for cheap, small and cute baking stuffs. There are mini chiffon pans, tart pans, heart-shaped pans, etc. I'm tempted to get the mini chiffon pans. They look really cute. But the thought of washing many mini ones instead of 1 large one puts me off. I would rather not buy! :)