Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What’s Your Baking Personality?

I took this What’s Your Baking Personality? quiz from Baking Bites.

Result: 2A 2B 1E
So I'm a split between Type A and Type B personality. This is pretty accurate!

a) Giving: Friendly, well-liked and enthusiastic, giving bakers seldom experiment, love baking and like to serve tried-and-true family favorites that they know are crowd pleasers, rather than risk experimenting with the unknown.

b) Methodical: Talented bakers who rely heavily on recipes because baking is considered to be a science for a reason! They know that they’ll get the results they want that way. And usually, their creations look just like the picture in the cookbook.

Take the quiz here.


Here's another muffin that I have baked recently, from the same book - Muffins Galore.