Thursday, March 07, 2013

Bittergourd update

Well well, I have got so many photos in my phone that storage is slowing running out. I must really find the time to sort them out and save them. Since I have started about growing edamame yesterday, I shall keep the momentum going.

This is a short update about my bittergourd since my last post about my first homegrown bittergourd. After the first bittergourd, I had another 5 bittergourds coming from the same plant in between September to December 2012.

Second bittergourd, round and cute!

Third bittergourd, getting smaller with a very odd shape.

Fourth bittergourd.

Fifth bittergourd and the sixth one still a little baby (if you can spot it). After this, since the plant started to turn yellowish and the fruits produced become smaller and smaller, so the plant had to be removed.

Below is the new batch of bittergourd planted about weeks ago. Hopefully can harvest many many more.