Sunday, November 30, 2008

I'm ugly but I'm yummy!

我很丑,可是我很... 好吃!

If these were to be put in bakery shop to sell, I doubt anyone would buy. Haha! Very ugly looking, but they taste really good. This is the first time I attempt making pastry using oil dough and water dough. Very difficult, the water dough seems to be too dry and crack badly, so I'm not able to make very smooth skin, that's why the ugly surface. Very tedious work too. Although it's good, I don't think I wanna try the same thing again (other types of pastry maybe yes). It's more convenient to buy right! I did it for experience and purely as an experiment.

Reminds me of this TV programme on Channel U (still showing) called 妙手铁厨 Man Vs Machine. In each episode, one type of food will be featured and compared whether the handmade or the factory produced one tastes better. I'm surprised that a lot of times, the factory-made ones actually won. Even so, hats off to those who handmade the delicious food and insist in preserving the traditions despite the hard and repetitive work, everyday, just to satisfy their customers.

* I use recipe from Delicious Asian Baked Treats, you can also check out the pretty ones made by Amanda and Little Corner of Mine.