Monday, November 10, 2008

7 things you don't know about SSB

Hello everyone, I'm 95% recovered from the cough. I think it's the almond soup that cures me. Drink 2 times only and seems to be more effective than the cough syrup. :)

It's meme time again! Thanks Yuri, Missy and Jane for tagging me at the same time. I have not been baking, or rather baking successfully recently, which explains the lack of posts. Here's a reason to put up a post to fill in the gaps. Haha!

Try not to repeat the things I have said in the past.

7 random facts about myself

1. The reason I call myself small small baker is because I'm really small and skinny in size. :)

2. When I was studying, Maths is my best subject and I never got less than an A until University. English is my worst subject. The first time I failed an exam was English in Sec 2, studied very hard to get a B in O levels and struggling for a pass in GP for A levels. :(

3. This year, I started learning abacus and mental arithmetic. Passed my grading exam but didn't manage to score full marks (stress lah!). :(

4. I miss my mum's cooking (she's not cooking meat dishes anymore since she becomes vegetarian). Some of my favourite dishes were Hakka Yong Tau Foo, shredded chicken noodles and salted chicken. I hope to learn from her how to cook these dishes. :)

5. The first time I sat on an aeroplane was a trip to Australia 8 years ago. Went to Dream World and sat on the Tower of Terror - a free fall ride from 38 storeys high in 7 seconds (didn't know where I got the courage) and hurt my back at that time. Never dare to sit on any rides and roller coasters since then. :(

6. I'm interested and have learnt a bit about astrology. I'm a Taurus who gets along well with air signs like Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, but can't seem to get along with Leo. :)

7. Since everyone's talking about driving license, I passed both my basic and advance theory in 1 attempt but never started any driving lessons. :)

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