Friday, October 31, 2008

I need to cool down

First, it's fever. Then, comes the cough and sore throat. I tried to search for blogs that share recipes or any home remedies. With no satisfactory results, I made a pot of chrysanthemum tea learnt from Noobcook. Serious. I even need to look for reference to make such a simple chrysanthemum tea. I'm really clueless in cooking. This website is great and has a lot of easy recipes. Promise to learn some simple dishes and post here ok.

I couldn't find soups that helps to soothe coughs. So I made some lemon honey. Juice of 1 lemon + 1 cup hot water + honey to taste. At least, I get a boost of vitamin C and soothe the throat. Anyone has remedies for cough?

Anyway, I'm into baking sponge cakes nowadays. Tried to make green tea cake roll and spread with azuki beans and whipping cream. The cake roll cracked, not much surprise, I knew I can't make cake rolls. :( No choice, I turned it into a layer cake like this.

The other sponge cake I made is a strawberry sponge cake (recipe from HHB). Love its texture - soft and spongy, and it remains soft on the next day.

No chocolates and heaty stuff for me now. I'll see what I can bake.


  1. woah ... thanks for your kind words ... me feel so touched ^^ I have a soup recipe that's good for soothing throats but I haven't post it on my blog yet ... basically the ingredients are water, some watercress, 1 luo han guo, red dates and sliced lean pork ... maybe u wanna try hehe ... hope u feel better soon! ;p

    btw, your bakes look great! I am currently shopping for a stand alone oven ... do you have any recommendations/advice? thanks in advance! :)

  2. HI... i often brew chrysanthemum tea at home too. u jus boil a pot of water and dump the flowers in it. Add a little rock sugar to taste.. i also add the ginseng roots (the small ones, not sure what you call that) You can get them from medical hall. They sell like up to $5 depending on how much you want. good cooling drink :)

  3. Hello SBB, about the swiss rolls experience, you're not alone,i've try it five times and all dumped to the bin. By the way, your strawberry cake looks wonderful. I just recover from severe runny nose too and it indeed kill my days. Wish u get well soon :)

  4. Hi SSB, hope you are feeling better now. I always get this bottled 止咳汤 (sold along with the other chrysanthemum tea, bailey water)from Fu Hua medical hall. I find it very good to help relieve coughs. You may want to give it a try.

  5. Hope you are feeling much better.

  6. Hi everyone, thanks for the concern and the recipes and remedies for cough. Me still coughing away. Now trying the pear and almond soup. I'm gonna try everything to cure my cough. Haha! :)

  7. Hi Noobcook, I really like your easy recipes. Please post more ok.

    As for buying oven, I don't have any experience cos I'm just using a 2nd hand small 16L oven. I think it all depends on your budget and how frequent you want to bake.

    Maybe you might want to check these when buying an oven:
    1. Size/capacity
    2. Fan assisted or not?
    3. Temperature range and intervals
    (best you get 10 degrees interval so you don't have to estimate)
    4. Timer's max time
    5. Oven door sturdy? Clear and easy to look through?

    Hope it helps.

  8. Thanks Missy for the tips!

    Hi Fanny, me too. I can't seem to get swiss rolls and chiffon cakes right.

    Thanks HHB! Before you told me, I had bought the bottled herbal drinks too at other medical hall. They didn't tell me to buy 止咳汤. Ask me to buy 罗汉果 instead. Not effective for me. I'll get it if the cough persists. Thanks!

    Hi SIG, still coughing, hope to get well soon too.

  9. those sponge cakes look mad fly! such awesome bakes you have on here! and I hope you feel better :)

    would you give the sponge recipes a little linky? that would be great! my last try was when I was young and experienced with nothing to guide me except a quick scribbled recipe in front of me. Hehe...the result was a rock cake. Must fulfill dreams of a light and fluffy sponge! ;-)


  10. hey thanks for your advice about the oven ... hope you're feeling better :)

  11. Hi Eunice, the sponge cake recipes are from Happy Homebaker's blog. You can take a look at her great baking blog with plenty of tips on how to bake a beautiful sponge cake. Good luck! :)

  12. I have just tagged you on my blog. (like a tagging of 7 other pple chain) Brings more pple to your blog and thereafer. Have fun!

  13. Hi SSB,
    I hope you are better now. The weather isn't very good. Do take care & don't let that dampen the holiday mood! ;)

    Just to let you know, you've been tagged in my blog. Hope you have fun! (

  14. Hi SSB, hope you are better now. Nice bakes too! You've been tagged!

  15. Chrysanthemum tea is quite a regular herbal tea my mom used to make from time to time in summer, very easy but healthy.

    Lkie your strawberry sponge cake. Lovely color and fluffy, wish I can grab a piece.

  16. hi... nice strawberry spong cake...

    How to you add the strawberry in?
    Your cake is different from the Receipe you shared.. =D

    Care share with me the way you made this Pinky-strawberry sponge cake?? =)

  17. Hi Eloffi, I just replace the 1 tsp of vanilla extract with 1 tsp of strawberry paste to get the strawberry flavour and colour. I did not add any fresh strawberries in. :)

  18. hi .
    i am your big fans . . i saw your strawberry spongecake . . it was so delicious and good looking .the hhb recipe does not really help . . can you publish your strawberry spongecake receipe . thanks . . .

  19. Hi SSB,

    Where did you get your strawberry paste? The brand, if you can provide as well.

  20. Hi, I can't remember which brand I got. I think is Bake King from NTUC or Phoon Huat.