Friday, December 05, 2008

Ang Koo Kueh

I have some green bean filling left after making the Tau Sar Piah. Don't know what to do with it and it will be a waste to throw them away. My mother suggests making Ang Koo Kueh with it. She told me she has the Ang Koo Kueh mould at home. Wah... didn't know that. I don't even remember her making Ang Koo Kuehs before!

Amanda has made Ang Koo Kueh using her mooncake moulds. What a brilliant idea! You can take a look at her pretty Ang Koo Kuehs here. I used the same recipe as her taken from Florence’s blog.

My not-so-pretty Ang Koo Kuehs. I didn't add any red colouring so it's the natural colouring of the orange sweet potatoes. Haha! Finally have the chance to use the mould after keeping it for so many years! Actually, we have also found the Png Kueh mould too! :)