Sunday, July 31, 2011

Singapore Flyer

Ok, writing this to remember to my first experience on Singapore Flyer.

We were there during Chinese New Year on February this year. Remember last year's McDonald's monopoly game? One of the prize was 1-for-1 ticket on Singapore Flyer. As the ticket price is quite expensive (S$29.50/adult, S$20.65/child), this was a great opportunity to sit on Singapore Flyer at half-price. We collected five 1-for-1 tickets for our whole family of 12 (including 2 toddlers, free) to get up there.

The whole flight lasted about 30 minutes. Great views isn't it? I hope there will be a chance for me to ride this again at night.

Here's a few family photos.
(Top, left) My nephew and niece
(Top, right) Everyone in the capsule
(Bottom, left) My twin nieces
(Bottom, right) My mother