Monday, July 11, 2011

KTM Bukit Timah Railway Station and Railway Tracks

Yesterday I went to take a short walk along the KTM railway tracks, which will only be opened until this Sunday (the stretch between Rifle Range Road and the Rail Mall until end of the month). Not going to miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Yes, we can always see railway tracks elsewhere but walking on the tracks safely without worrying about oncoming trains, this will be the only chance.

I started from the Railway Bridge at Bukit Timah Road (near King Albert Park McDonald's). It was so crowded on a Sunday morning. I was taking photos of people instead of the bridge! Guess it is one of the most popular photo-taking spot. I have to admit, I never knew it was a railway bridge when passing by that area!

This is the Bukit Timah Railway Station. It will be conserved.

The KTM railway tracks and scenery. Look at the crowd. There were families, children, elderly, people coming from all parts of Singapore, it was like a big Singapore gathering. Very fun! I just took photos around that area and not trekking along the tracks. It was not easy to walk on the tracks filled with stones and pebbles. Did anyone ask why train tracks are filled with so many stones? I think it is for supporting and stabilizing the tracks and provide drainage.

If you want to walk along the railway tracks, here's a good map guide and suggested walking routes.


  1. wow,很好的体验!

    那天在Tanjong Pagar火车站有看到写着Bukit Timah的magnet,但那时不懂是什么,所以就没买。

  2. shan: 我看火车铁道应该在不久后就会被拆了,所以一定要来走一走,不然永远没机会了!好可惜,希望有一部分会被保留。

  3. thanks. sad that they close forever loao. sob...

  4. Yes, the tracks are to be removed and returned to Malaysia by 31 Dec. After that it will be opened again. And they are making plans to build a green corridor. Hope it will come true.