Saturday, September 10, 2011

Aspiring Bakers #11: Mango Snowskin Mooncake

My second snowskin mooncake. Used this recipe and trying to make a mango version using just mango juice, and without adding mango essence and colouring. In the end, it turned out quite tasteless and the colour was very faint. There goes the saying 厉害就好,不要假厉害. :)

Recipe adapted from: Amanda's Blog

I am submitting this Mango Snowskin Mooncake to Aspiring Bakers #11: Mid-Autumn Treats (September 2011), hosted by Happy Home Baking.

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  1. 无色素的月饼,很好啊!颜色我也觉得ok。

  2. I think the colour is quite nice, looks natural wo artificial colouring .

    Happy mid-autumn festival to u and ur family !

  3. 我很喜欢你家的冰皮月饼,真的很赞!

  4. shan: 颜色浅了一点,我不太介意,不过味道很奇怪。哈哈!

    Angel: Thanks! But the taste not very good lor. Haha! Happy mid-autumn festival to u and your family too!

    Tracy Low: 谢谢!你也很厉害!:)

  5. at least you have tried and know how it taste...but the mooncake is lovely, and you have addicted to 中秋 and 莲蓉,so cute of you...haha
    happy mid-autumn festival to u! ^0^

  6. Anncoo: Same to you!

    Sherleen: Hehe, yes all my mooncakes are 中秋 and 莲蓉. Happy mid-autumn festival to you too!

  7. i like that saying厉害就好,不要假厉害,haha...

    well, i still prefer the version with no essence and coloring added, more healthy.

    Pretty mooncake...b4 i forget, happy mooncake festival.

  8. A refreshing snowskin for the hot weather!

  9. Such lovely mooncakes! I wish I have the tools and ingredients for making mooncakes in Belgium. What do you do with so many mooncakes? Do u finish them all or give them to relatives and friends? :)

    Bee @EEWIF

  10. Bee: Thanks! You can use other baking tools instead, like cookie cutters or egg moulds for bento. I have seen people using them to make mooncakes and they are so cute! The mooncakes, all finished by my family. :)