Thursday, September 01, 2011

You decide the theme for Aspiring Bakers #12

You have seen the 11 themes for Aspiring Bakers. We have so far covered a variety of bakes and received great response. Thanks to everyone who have submitted your entries! I know a lot of you have bookmarked the roundups because they are like a mini baking encyclopedia. :)

Is there any topic that you are hoping to see? As I will be the host for Aspiring Bakers #12 (October 2011), I sincerely invite all of you to suggest a theme for next month. I'm sure there is something you really like to learn and get more recipes and ideas.

Leave a comment below, suggesting 2 themes for Aspiring Bakers #12.
I will pick the most popular one and make it true!

Whether you are great supporter of Aspiring Bakers or have not joined us yet, or just a silent reader, it's time to voice up! All suggestions are welcome! :)


* You can leave your suggestions until the end of this month.