Sunday, June 29, 2008

Fudgey Cocoa Brownies

Hello, I'm back! :)

This post marks the beginning of my 2nd year of baking and blogging. I don't know whether readers have become bored with the layout or content of my blog or not. I wanted to do a bit of change. But I have limited ideas and creativity. Must let me think slowly first. ;)

So here's a brownie recipe that I found from Ovenhaven. I realize that I haven't baked a brownie before. Quite unbelievable!

Despite the lack of height (although I have used a 8 inch square pan), this brownie is absolutely delicious!


  1. These brownies look like they could really satisfy even the deepest of chocolate cravings. By the way, i think your layout and content are great the way they are.

    I'm really impressed and thrilled by your thriving garden- my numerous disastrous attempts at growing basil can attest my lack of a green thumb :)

  2. Hi SSB, congrats on your blog and baking anniversary!! It certainly seems like only yesterday when I first visited your blog, I didn't believe it and had to check your archive just to convince myself!
    Like you, I have been wanting to change the layout of my blog...but I never seems to be able to get down to it ;p
    Here's wishing you another great baking & bloggiing year ahead!

  3. Thanks eatandbehappy. I'm going to change my blog layout very soon. :)

    Hi HHB, I will always remember that you are the first person to leave a comment on my blog and give me plenty of advice and encouragement. You are my shi fu! Thanks a lot! :)

  4. hi there.. i came across your blog from one of the blogs selling bags.. haha.. i live chocolate stuff and have been trying to bake for a while, but my "creations" are usually unsucessful, except for butter cakes. am waiting for baking classes to start in the CC but also looking for real people whom i can learn baking from. just wondering if you have baking classes or am willing to impart some of your skills to a small time baker like me?

    do email me at My name is Jasmine and i really look forward to learning. Thank you so much!


  5. Hi Jasmine, welcome to my blog! Thanks for your compliments and I'm glad to know that you have an interest in baking too.

    Eh... I think I'm still a novice in baking. I have failed several times too (sometimes I did not post them up hehe...) and I have not even taken up any baking classes before. I don't think I'm qualified to teach. It will be good if you can attend the classes that you sign up.

    But if you still have any questions after that, you can always email me. We can share and learn together. You can also set up a blog and share us your bakes. I'm sure there are a lot of helpful bloggers who can help to identify the problems. That's how I learn too. Will drop you a email too. Jia you! :)