Friday, July 04, 2008

A brand new look!

Remember that in my last post, I mentioned that I wanted to change the layout of my blog?
I did it! Here's a brand new look for my blog!

I got the blog template from this website eBlogTemplates. There are many free blog templates for Blogger and Wordpress users. Yes, they are FREE. And many of them look very cool and professional too. If you are going to give your blog a makeover, you can try this out.

I had a hard time deciding which blog template to use. I love the template that I'm using now. Especially the "Recent Articles" box that display the 10 most recent posts and the "Calendar style date" on each individual post. And there are 2 columns of side bars, so that I can place more links to my favourite blogs.

They also offer plenty of money making tools by placing blog ads in your blog. I have yet to try any of them, except Google AdSense. So currently, they are just "dummy ads".

* If you want to try these templates, do create a new blog to try it out first.
* Before replacing your blog, please do a backup of your current template.
Click "Layout" > "Edit HTML" > "Download Full Template".
This helps you to restore your blog if you want to change it back. Because almost all the codes and links and whatever new things you have added to your blog will be gone.
* I copied all the codes for flickr and stats counter, all the links that I have added, and save them.

I'm still trying to complete some of the configuration. As for all the links that are gone, will have update them one by one. :)